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Transform your book into the best version of itself Reedsy is home to thousands of experienced literary editors who can help writers at almost any point of their writing and publishing journeys. We offer five main services to help authors strengthen their manuscripts in advance of publication: Editorial assessment Book coaching Developmental editing Copy editing Proofreading In this sect...
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We’ve got your book covered, inside and out Book design is what transforms your manuscript into a product that you can sell to the world. Through Reedsy, authors can seek professionals to provide: Cover design Illustrations Interior design (typesetting) Typography design To compete in today’s crowded book market, authors must ensure that their titles look better than 90% of the competitio...
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Connect your book with the readers who’ll love it Crafting a beautiful book is only part of the publishing process. Without a clear and focused marketing strategy, your book may never make it further than your own bookshelf. With the help of a professional publishing marketer, authors can give themselves the best chance of getting their books into the hands of readers. Through Reedsy, authors...
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Let an expert bring your vision to life A ghostwriter is a professional hired to write something credited to someone else. A ghostwriter can complete an entire project solo or work collaboratively with the text's credited author to better capture their voice. And, much like ghosts, these writers remain invisible — you’ll maintain ownership over your ideas. Ghostwriters can help you execute an...
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Web design

Own your corner of the internet Your online presence is a crucial factor to your success as an author. A website is an essential place for collecting your publications and providing your contact information. Beyond that, you can use it to share exclusive excerpts, give your fans a behind-the-scenes look at your writing process, and entice them to sign up for your mailing list. While there are...
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Literary translation is the art of carrying a piece of prose or poetry from one language to another. Translating your work into another language can give you access to a new market, helping grow your audience and increase your sales. Translating literature requires great deliberation and strong linguistic capability in both languages. A literary translator will compellingly convey the content,...
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