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Last updated May 24th, 2023

I have completed my profile but I haven’t been activated. Why?

Reedsy is very selective and unfortunately, we sometimes have to decline more applications than we'd like to. However, here are some of the reasons why we may not have selected your submission:

  • Your profile was incomplete.
  • Your profile contained typos.
  • Your profile contained external links.
  • You needed more work experience. Reedsy requires at least 3 years of experience working with top publishers or on bestselling books.
  • Many of the books in your portfolio performed poorly and received negative reviews on Amazon.

Other reasons that are not directly related to your profile:

  • We currently have enough professionals who can provide services for a specific genre.
  • Your profile was competing with another professional, and we only needed one more person.
  • Reedsy is not looking for your specialty… yet!

In those last cases, we may still get back to you at a later time; there are always new opportunities at Reedsy as we expand and grow to meet our users’ needs.