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Profile inspiration


Want to join Reedsy as an editor? Here is some inspiration to nail your profile! Editing is the most popular service on Reedsy: there is a great variety of projects that need refining out there. It’s important to ensure you’re sending the right messages and getting the most relevant project briefs delivered to your requests inbox. Getting your Reedsy profile right is the most important part to...
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Want to join Reedsy as a book designer? Access high-quality projects with a stunning profile. Being a designer on Reedsy gives you access to a fantastic range of book projects — whether you’re an illustrator, cover designer, or typesetter! To showcase your skills to those potential clients and make sure that projects requested are things you’re interested in, you’ll need to put together a grea...
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Want to join Reedsy as a marketer? Here’s how you can nail your profile and access high-quality projects. The Reedsy marketplace is home to the world’s best freelance publishing professionals — and marketers are no exception. Top marketers can find indie authors to create long-term partnerships with here, so how can you also find and foster such working relationships? With a spot-on profile, o...
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Want to join Reedsy as a translator? Get your next client with a spot-on profile. As a translator, authors trust you to bring their book to a completely new audience. Therefore, it’s important to convey how you can adapt their story for an entirely different reader group. To help you create a compelling profile, we’re sharing examples from four translators who’ve hit the mark. Let’s see what ...
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Want to join Reedsy as a ghostwriter? Here’s how you can nail your profile and access high-quality projects. Ghostwriters on Reedsy are a very special collection of writers. They come from all walks of life and bring a wide variety of talent and experience to the table. As a ghostwriter, it’s extra important to convey your unique experiences and skills in your Reedsy profile.. Here we want to...
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Web designers

Want to join Reedsy as a web designer? Here are some tips to display your experience and projects. In today’s competitive book market, authors understand the importance of having a great website — they want one that helps them sell more books while simultaneously building their reputation as an author. Reedsy connects these authors with web designers like you, to help them turn their visions i...
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