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How does contracting work on Reedsy?

To protect both clients and professionals, Reedsy provides an automated contract that details important terms of every collaboration. We call these our “Mandatory Terms” and any collaboration you enter into via Reedsy will be governed by them. A professional can attach additional terms to your collaboration if necessary, and they will be displayed when you receive an offer. These are called “S...
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How do I accept an offer and begin my collaboration?

You got an offer that you're ready to accept! Here's what to do next. Once you are in "Requests," click “View Quote” to review the offer and click “Accept Offer.” Please note that by clicking on “Accept Offer,” you form a binding Service Contract between you and your professional on the basis of our Terms of Use. You will be asked to confirm your decision and decline any outstanding quotes. I...
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How can I message my professional?

Sending a message to ask about the offer or your ongoing collaboration is easy! After a professional responds to your request, you can get in touch to discuss your project. If you want to discuss the offer before accepting it, go to “Projects”, and click “View offer”. Move to the bottom, and you will see the message box. How do I send a message to the professional I'm collaborating with? St...
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How do I share documents with my professional?

You can send your files attached to a message or directly in your Files tab. 📨 First, go to your collaboration dashboard by clicking "Collaborations" from the “Projects” tab. In the "Messages" tab, you can send documents through our messaging system as attachments or via the Dropbox and Box integrations. Your professional can share files back and forth with you from here. Each collaboration ...
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Can I change the payment schedule?

If you need to change your payment schedule for any reason, please get in touch with your professional. They are the only ones who can submit an amendment. You will be asked to approve the amendment before it can be implemented. So be sure to request amendments at least 3 days before an upcoming payment in your schedule. Once an amendment has been sent, you will get a notification to review t...
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Can I cancel my collaboration?

When circumstances change, you can always request to cancel your collaboration. There are two scenarios: You’re within the free cancelation window outlined below. You can cancel your collaboration at no cost. You’re outside the free cancelation window. If you wish to cancel after the free period, kindly negotiate a cancelation fee with the professional. If you cannot agree, please reach out ...
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My professional isn’t showing up on the Marketplace. Why?

If you look up a professional you’ve collaborated with before on Reedsy and you either can’t find them or can’t send them a request, don’t worry. They didn’t just disappear; it may just be that they have activated their “Out of Office” setting. If your request is urgent, you can still reach out by sending a message in your previous thread. The professional will usually respond within two worki...
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My professional isn’t responding to my messages and hasn’t delivered the work. How do I report it?

In the off-chance that things go wrong between a client and a professional, Reedsy is committed to using all reasonable resources to correct the issue. Project Protection covers all projects, big and small. If you are having problems with your professional, please navigate to the report tab of your collaboration and submit a complaint report. A member of the Reedsy team will then be assigned to...
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How do I leave a review for my professional?

Don’t forget to share your feedback when the collaboration has ended. ⭐ Our Marketplace thrives on feedback! After your payments have been processed and your collaboration’s completion date has arrived, you’ll receive an email asking you to review your experience with your professional. Just head to your collaboration dashboard to get started! Click on the Collaborations tab in "Projects", ta...
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How do I hire my professional again?

So, the first collaboration went well, and you want to work together again! 🎉 Rehiring a professional is very easy to do on Reedsy! First, select the Projects tab to access the Collaborations page.  Next, open the relevant collaboration and click on the“Rehire” option. You will then be asked to complete a project brief for your new request. Once your professional has sent over a new offer, ...
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