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What does Reedsy charge, and how are my payments processed?

I can see that Reedsy is charging a 10% fee for the service. Why? To operate, Reedsy charges a 20% commission fee on services. This fee is shared between professionals (10%) and clients (10%) and allows us to develop the product, curate our network, and offer customer support and satisfaction guarantees. How are my payments processed? Once an offer is accepted, your payment will be processed...
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How to add or update my payment method?

Here’s how you can add your card details to ensure automatic payments and a smooth collaboration: Log in to your Reedsy account and go to Account Settings; Select the “Billing & Payments” tab; and Add/update your payment method and click on “Add card.” This new payment method entry will be automatically set as your default and will have the green default marker next to it. A note about cur...
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Where can I find my invoices?

Everything you need to know about taxes and receipts. You can find payment receipts for your services in the “Finances” tab for each collaboration. You can update your billing address and tax (VAT) information in Account Settings.
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Why was my payment declined?

​​Did you receive an email saying that your payment couldn’t be processed? Don’t worry. It happens sometimes. Most payments go through smoothly, but here are a few reasons why some might fail: Do not honor “Do not honor” is the most common reason for failed card payments, as explained on Stripe’s website. Sometimes, banks will block charges in foreign currencies as a security measure. If you’...
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Can I tip my professional?

If you loved working with your professional and you're looking for a way to express your appreciation, consider using our tip feature to send them a well-deserved bonus. The best part? When you decide to give a tip, Reedsy will not add any fees to the amount. You won't incur extra costs, and the professional will receive the full amount. Here's how to send a bonus payment to your professional...
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