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West St Paul, MN, USA

Ghostwriter, freelance author, and developmental editor specializing in middle-grade books and graphic novel/comic book scripts.

Work experience:

  • Self-employed

Services: Ghostwriting Short Form Content

Genres: Middle Grade, Children's, Fiction, Middle Grade Fantasy, Picture Books, Comics & Graphic Novels, Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult, Poetry, Steampunk, Science Fiction

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Do you have an idea for a great poetic undertaking, but lack the bard skills? That’s alright. That’s why you can hire a poetry ghostwriter, a professional trained to help people like you turn their visions into actual published poetry.

All ghostwriters are stylistic chameleons, but poetry ghostwriters in particular have a really powerful sensitivity to language, its sounds, and its nuances. When you work with a poetry ghostwriter, you can request a specific style as well as subject matter, ensuring you’re satisfied with the verses they produce.

Like a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac, a poetry ghostwriter can help you find the words for even the toughest of poetic challenges — and the professionals available on Reedsy’s marketplace have just the experience and skill needed to help you out. Sign up today and have a look at their profiles — you could make something wonderful together.

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