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Dublin, Ireland

Expert in business and memoir. I’ve worked closely with Penguin Random House and co-created books with hundreds of Amazon five star reviews

Work experience:

  • Freelance

Services: Ghostwriting Book Proposal Short Form Content

Genres: Business & Management, Non-Fiction, Biographies & Memoirs, Health & Wellbeing



Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland

I'm an award winning ghostwriter, traditionally published author and screenwriter.

Work experience:

  • Bombshell Books (Bloodhound Books)
  • Poolbeg Press Ltd
  • TBC
  • Authentic Creativity
  • Orpen Press

Services: Ghostwriting Book Proposal Short Form Content

Genres: Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mysteries, Mystery & Crime, Contemporary Fiction

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You’ve finally perfected your book idea. Congratulations! Now you need to pique the interest of a publisher or agent in order to get it published — and a book proposal is what will get the job done.

Book proposals are difficult to write, even for the most experienced of authors. Think of it as your pitch to a publisher: it will need to be carefully worded, while also containing all the necessary information a potential publisher would require to invest in your book. A proposal will demonstrate your book’s commercial viability, prove your book’s strengths against those of competitors, and also highlight why there is a need for your book and the size of the market. Needless to say, it's a challenging task to produce a great proposal that will capture the attentions of publishers and agents.

That's how a book proposal specialist in Dublin can step into the picture to help you out. At Reedsy, we take pride in the quality of our professionals. Whether it's reviewing your book proposal to perfect it or writing it from scratch for you, we have the publishing professional that you need. Join us today and let us connect you to the best book proposal specialists in Dublin.

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