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Michael Barbieri PhD is a law enforcement, investigative, and security professional. He has years of experience under his belt.


Dr. Michael Barbieri is a seasoned professional with more than three decades of experience working in law enforcement in the investigative field. Throughout his career, Dr. Barbieri has worked as a contract covert operative in over 20 countries for various government agencies, and he has successfully solved six Cold Case Murders, two of which took place internationally.

For the past 32 years, Dr. Michael Barbieri has been working as a Senior Consultant with Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc., operating out of St. Louis, Missouri. In his work, Michael has served in national and international investigations, working on cases including students jailed in foreign countries, corporate executive extractions, worldwide kidnap recovery, and more. FOr his outstanding achievements and noteworthy work, Dr. Michael Barbieri received a letter of recommendation from the United States Department of State as well as recognition from former President George H.W. Bush.

Dr. Michael Barbieri is ranked among the best Private Investigators in the world by the International Association of Private Investigators. He has received additional training from organizations like the U.S. Attorneys Office, the U.S. Department of State, the FBI, the U.S. Military, Brazillian Military Police, Mexican Military Police, and Nicaragua National Military police, and the U.S. Department of Defence, among others.
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Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc

Jul, 1989 — Present

National and International Investigations, Bodyguards and Executive Protection for all 3rd world countries. Corporate Executive Extractions, Students Jailed in Foreign Countries, and Kidnap recovery Worldwide. For more information please visit our web-site for all updates. In 2021 he was inducted into the Marquis Who's Who in America. Please visit our website:


Traveling By Train | Michael Barbieri PhD

The railroad system has been used for more than 200 years in the United States. While it is primarily used to transport large freight containers these days, the public can still use trains as a form of transportation. Trains are a popular long-distance travel option for those unable or afraid to drive or fly. These are the four most important things you need to know before your next train trip.

Pack Bags Accordingly

You will be allowed to bring two personal items and two bags with you on the train. You will be responsible for watching these items during the entire trip, so it is important only to bring necessary things for your trip. You don’t want to drag four different bags with you every time you need to go to the bathroom or decide to change cars. Using suitcases with wheels will also improve your overall experience.

Bring Snacks and Drinks

Unlike air travel, you can bring your own snacks and drinks onto a passenger train. This even includes alcoholic beverages. Food and beverages are served on the train, but going to the dining car multiple times can be somewhat of a hassle. Make it easier on yourself by just putting a few snacks and drinks in your bag. The convenience of reaching into your bag for a snack simply cannot be beaten.

Prepare for Delays

Passenger trains share the same tracks as freight trains transporting goods across the country. Since these freight trains are far more critical, they get top priority on the rails. This means that your train may have to stop for a short time to let a freight train pass, especially if you are traveling cross-country. These delays are unpredictable, so you should not create a tight schedule around your expected arrival times.

Sleeper Cars Available

Cross-country train trips can take several days. If you take one of the trips, you will want to book a sleeper car. This will give you access to your private room on the train. Sleeper cars come equipped with a bed, shower, and bathroom. You will also get three free meals per day and unlimited complimentary soft drinks during the trip.

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Keeping Your Phone Secure and Safe | Michael Barbieri PhD

Without a doubt or contradiction, most people depend on their mobile phones for their daily activities. They use their phones to send messages, receive texts, make calls, check the time, research, entertainment, shopping, business, and alarm.

Once someone loses their phone, it interferes with their daily functioning. However, despite the dependence on mobile phones, most people misuse mobile devices, disclosing their personal information to unintended people. Here are five safety precautions phone users can adopt to make their device safe and secure:

Locking Your Phone Using a Pin, Pattern, or Password

Just the way people don’t leave their houses without locking the door, they should also lock their phone’s home screen. Locking the home screen keeps private information secure by preventing people from going through their phones without permission.

Using a password instead of a simple pin strengthens the phone’s security. The password should be a combination of both numbers and letters. The longer the password’s length, the more challenging it is to hack.

Keep Your Phone’s Software Updated

Sometimes, frequent update notifications can be frustrating and annoying. However, most of these updates are essential because they are improved versions of your device’s security. A Phones vulnerability increases anytime you fail to update your phone. So, once a user comes across an update notification, they should install it immediately.

Turn off Both Wifi and Bluetooth

Most hackers access a phones personal information via Bluetooth channels. They mask their malicious device and make it look legitimate so that the victim connects their phone to it. Therefore, phone users should always be keen on devices they connect to by double-checking, especially if it’s your first time connecting to it.

Install a VPN on Your Phone

Although most smartphones come with security services, it would be best to download extra security software like Virtual Private Networks VPNs to tighten its security. The software enables the users to send and receive data on a public or shared network without revealing their identity to unauthorized users. It assigns a temporary IP address and hides the user’s actual IP address.

Avoid Public Charging Points and Networks

Charging a phone in public places like airports, planes, transit stations, and shopping centers can make the phone prone to security breaches. Hackers can “juice jack” the phone if the outlet is compromised and access its contacts, texts, emails, and even photos.

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