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Rory Moulton - Marketer

Frisco, CO, United States

A pro marketer by day and indie author by night, I understand the difficulty of selling books while also trying to write. I can help.

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Quick take:
- 10 years running Facebook ads.
- 5 years running book-specific Facebook ads.
- 5 years running Amazon AMS ads.
- Day job in marketing strategy for a large media company.
- Self-published, bestselling author with five books.

My services:
- Full-spectrum marketing strategy
- Paid media campaigns: Facebook, Amazon, BookBub
- Email marketing: List building, content strategy, technical implementation, email promotions
- 1-on-1 marketing consultations

Writing is the easy part. And with modern platforms and tools, publishing and distributing a book, while a bit time consuming, is no longer the fussy technological feat it once was.

But selling those books?

That's the hard part. And it's precisely where I can help.

I manage ads and authors sell more books.

I specialize in building and optimizing paid-media sales funnels. This means I will research your potential buyers and build advertising campaigns that move those targeted buyers into your email list and onto your sales pages. I have a three-step system that has produced amazing (i.e., bestseller) results for my books and several other nonfiction writers. My funnels use paid media like Facebook and Amazon ads. However, organic reach is a powerful augmentation, and my funnels seamlessly integrate SEO content, social media, email marketing, etc.

Have your own sales and signup funnels in place? I can examine and optimize them, then leave the ongoing management to you.

Want ongoing management of your successful sales and signup funnels? Yep, I can do that, too.

I work from a templated invoice for Facebook and Amazon ads so you'll know exactly how much it'll cost before putting down any money.

I'm also well-versed in BookBub ads, email promotions and general marketing and launch strategy for which I can develop a custom quote.

Sell more books. Reclaim your writing time. Let's be friends.
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Management
Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits
DIY & Crafts
Health & Wellbeing


  • Meta Certified Media Planning Professional
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy (eCornell)
  • BA, Economics, Tulane University


  • Lowell Thomas Award Best Website

Work experience

Marketing Strategist

A large media company that shall remain anonymous
December, 2016 – Present (about 6 years)

What began as a part-time assist for a journalist friend became my full-time job after less than six months. I devise and deploy paid-media campaigns for books, subscriptions and a variety of back-end products.

Managing Editor + Special Projects Editor

Matador Network
January, 2012 – December, 2017 (almost 6 years)

Led a worldwide editorial team to a Thomas Lowell Award for best website in 2018, and numerous other journalistic awards. Responsible for driving traffic, managing contributors and staff, ideating title concepts and bringing a smile each and every day to work.


"Europe by Milk Run" Bestseller Launch

Could I launch my travel memoir as a best seller in some of Amazon's most saturated and competitive categories? Yes, yes, I could. Using a combination of a price discount, email promotions, Amazon ads and Facebook ads, I catapulted to the top of several travel categories, including my top targets -- Solo Travel and Rail Travel. Full disclosure: I'm all about bank over rank, but enjoyed this experiment nonetheless.

"Essential" Travel Guidebook Ads (Amazon)

I run profitable Amazon ads for my travel guidebooks. Amazon ads can be finicky, but powerful in certain nonfiction genres. All ads are incrementally tested against specific keyword batches. I've run these ads at ~30-50% ACOS for going on five years.

Black Friday Direct Sales Campaign (Facebook)

Every year, I strategize, lead creative development and deployment of a themed Black Friday direct-sales campaign using traffic and conversion ads, all of which are always A/B tested. All ads point to curated pages of themed print books from our backlist. I'm particularly fond of the creative we built for 2020's Healthy Soil campaign. Since 2016, campaigns have averaged:
- $2.67 CPC // $4.45 cost per conversion for $15 paperbacks
- ~60% increase in paperback and hardcover sales

Countryside's "Guide To" Lead Magnet Campaign (Facebook)

I led strategy, creative development and deployment of list-building campaign. A/B tested engagement, traffic and conversion FB ads.
- $0.67 CPC // $0.09 cost per engagement // $1.24 cost per conversion
- Drove over 5,000 signups in six months.
- Campaign still runs!

"My Farmer, My Customer" Relaunch (Facebook)

I led strategy, creative development, including cutting a low-cost book trailer and several static ads, and deployment of a 90-day direct-sales relaunch campaign for My Farmer, My Customer. A/B tested engagement, traffic and conversion FB ads for $28 paperback.
- $1.67 CPC // $0.11 cost per engagement // $6.45 cost per conversion for $28 paperback
- ~34% ACOS
- Increased direct sales by over 175%.
(Safe to say, they should've had me run the original launch!)

Portfolio (15 selected works)

My Farmer, My Customer: Building Business Through Farming Healthy Food

Marty Travis, with Gary Reding, Ryan Slabaugh, Carl Chiocca, Carl Chiocca

The Waste Between Our Ears

Gillespie, Gerry

Rory has 2 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Tim Tranchilla
Rory is eminently professional and truly dedicated to providing great results. I enjoyed our extremely thorough conversations about marketing, yes, but also wide ranging topics related to books, authors, and sales. Was marketing the tool that sold 10,000 books for me? No, but I’ve also come to realize through Rory’s mentorship what are realistic expectations and how best to keep up with my camp...
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Tim Tranchilla, September 2022

Caroline-Laure Drolet
I found that Rory was a very good communicator, and that he went above and beyond what I expected to get out of our work session. I would recommend him to anyone looking to gain clarity with regards to their marketing strategies.

Caroline-Laure Drolet, May 2022

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