Lisa Ferland

Lisa Ferland – Marketer

Crowdfunding consultant for authors and illustrators who has helped over a hundred authors crowdfund their books on Kickstarter.


Crowdfunding your book can feel extremely overwhelming. What many authors don’t realize is that every book launch employs the same marketing fundamental techniques used in crowdfunding – but crowdfunding condenses those marketing approaches into a 30-day campaign. I’ve crowdfunded my books on Kickstarter and have been helping authors crowdfund their books since 2017. I offer authors tools for audience building, engagement, and everything they need to become crowdfunding experts to create a sustainable book launch approach that fully funds their self-publishing investment.

I offer step-by-step crowdfunding coaching based on your specific audience, book genre, and preferred marketing approach. If you’re confident that you want to crowdfund your book but aren’t sure where to start, then I’m happy to provide starting resources for you.

Together, we will create compelling marketing messages that resonate with your readers. We will brainstorm creative rewards that your readers will love so that when you launch your crowdfunding campaign, your readers are excited to participate.

By experience, I've discovered how the energy and support we give others come back to us tenfold. If you need a bit of hand-holding through the crowdfunding process, then I know that my step-by-step coaching and program will help you achieve your publishing goals—all while expanding your creativity, setting your own budget, and marketing in a way that feels best for you.

My 1:1 Crowdfunding Coaching services include:

Pre-launch phase:

– Personalized Zoom sessions together so we can dive deep into crowdfunding strategies best suited for your writing style, audience needs, and audience development progress.

– Lifetime access to a comprehensive online program full of all of the resources you need to build an audience, set up a successful campaign, and deliver everything your readers want from you. Resources are updated as crowdfunding platforms change over time.

– Audience building, engagement, and campaign strategy planning

– My experience and lessons learned from years of researching, working with over 100 authors, and experiences on multiple crowdfunding campaigns.

– Access to tried-and-true resources, podcasts, and webinars

– Group mentoring sessions where you can drop in or send in your questions beforehand for my input and feedback so that you can continue to make progress in between our individual sessions

– Input and feedback on your campaign page, reward levels, and pricing

– Copywriting to create a campaign that converts readers into backers

– Reward tiers that encourage readers to level up

– Newsletter and PR messaging templates that educate and encourage your network to back your campaign

– My tools to manage your campaign content calendar, track contacts, press, similar campaigns, and other helpful tabs to manage your crowdfunding campaign

I enjoy working with authors who write stories with a mission, diverse characters and are inclusive. If you're passionate about your book, let's work together to create an amazing crowdfunding campaign.

Biographies & Memoirs Parenting & Families Travel
Middle Grade Picture Books
  • Master in Public Health

Work experience


Nov, 2017 — Present

Creating marketing strategies for audience building to launch $10k+ crowdfunding campaigns for authors

Slow Travel Stockholm

Jan, 2019 — Mar, 2020 (about 1 year)

Assistant Editor at Slow Travel responsible for fielding and editing articles, Wordpress, SEO, and social media marketing


Meet the Wild - $10K Kickstarter

Lindsay and I share a love for nature play children's books and together we worked out a plan for her to interview a panel of nature play experts to hold a virtual summit for audience building and outreach prior to her launch. She successfully Kickstarted $10K with 175 backers!

Fully Accessible Winnie the Pooh - non-profit Kickstarter

This was the first Kickstarter I consulted on that was for a non-profit organization. Together we came up with creative ways to reward their supporters (who were new to rewards-based crowdfunding), campaign graphic design, rewards, and marketing strategy.

Wonderful World of Zuri Rose - $31K Kickstarter

Makini Regal was a wonderful author to work with on this campaign. Together we planned out an Instagram influencer strategy, campaign page graphic design, rewards, and outreach marketing.

What Did We Miss? $18K Kickstarter

Tiffany Semmons and I worked closely on her children's book Kickstarter to engage her audience during the pre-launch period, develop an outreach and marketing strategy, campaign page graphics, design, video, and rewards.

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Alisia G.

Alisia G.

Dec, 2023

I loved and love working with Lisa! She is the real deal and someone who first learns to understand and not to be understood. A great collaboration and a master in this space! Thanks so much Lisa for having me reimagine all my possibilities!


Oct, 2023

Currently working with Lisa for kickstarter prep and launch. She loves what she does, is passionate about her craft and is a complete nerd (in a good way). Her approach is very thorough, and she doesn't treat her clients like hobbyists but sets the tone for the business side of being an indie author. Damascinus

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