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David Carriere – Marketer

I own a niche public relations boutique that manages marketing and publicity campaigns for a wide-range of publishers and authors.


With over 30 years’ experience as a publicist, I honed the foundation of my professional techniques on both coasts of the U.S. at numerous publishing houses, including HarperCollins and Chronicle Books, and with book packagers such as Callaway Editions and Weldon-Owen. In 1997, I opened my own publicity firm, and now handle the public relations needs of a handful of publishers and authors. The focus of my work is not advertising or sales, but rather approaching magazines, newspapers, television, radio and online targets (in advance of the book's publication date) for their review, feature or interview consideration. I am also the author of PUBLICITY: 7 STEPS TO PUBLICIZE JUST ABOUT ANYTHING which was published by Glitterati Incorporated in 2008.
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Jan, 1997 — Present

For the last two decades, I have been the sole proprietor of a niche public relations boutique that manages marketing and publicity campaigns for a wide range of high-profile publishers and best-selling authors. I have worked with a variety of clients ranging from National Geographic Books to Williams-Sonoma, and often partner on other projects with some of the nation's leading pr firms.


BLOOD FEUD by Lisa Alther

Working with the beloved author Lisa Alther on three books (a novel, a volume of short stories and a work of non-fiction) over the last few years was especially meaningful to me because decades back when she was one of my college professors, she actually inspired me to become a publishing professional. Known around the world for her The New York Times Best Selling novel KINFLICTS, which was published in the 1970s, what made working with her most recently on BLOOD FEUD particularly gratifying was the fact that our work together landed the book a spot as a The New York Times Best Seller for many weeks, propelling the author to the list for the second time in her career after more than a thirty year absence.

COOKING WITH THE MUSE by Myra Kornfeld and Stephen Massimilla

I have probably worked on over a hundred cookbooks over the years, and one of my favorites is COOKING WITH THE MUSE by Myra Kornfeld and Stephen Massimilla. This award-winning book’s subtitle is “A Sumptuous Gathering of Seasonal Recipes, Culinary Poetry, and Literary Fare” which perfectly sums up this very unique tome. A lavish volume, the book received lots of attention in magazines from Bella Magazine to Booklist, and also received all sorts of ink from coast to coast in large and small newspapers alike from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to the Beverly Hills Courier. A substantial amount of attention was also received from food, poetry and general interest websites and bloggers such as Epicurious, Epoch Taste, Food52 and Poetry Daily. Many national (and regional) radio interviews were scheduled on programs such as Write On! and T. Susan Chang’s The Level Teaspoon.

FROM THE BOTTOM UP by Chad Pregracke

When National Geographic Books hired me to publicize Chad Pregracke’s FROM THE BOTTOM UP, little did I know that the experience would change the way I looked at the world. Named “Hero of the Year” by CNN in 2013, Chad’s "If I don’t pick up litter then who will?” philosophy definitely made an impact with me personally, and his down to earth philosophy regarding the environment also resonated with the press. From regional coverage in magazines such as San Francisco’s 7X7 Magazine to Chicago Magazine, and national coverage on major radio programs and in general interest and trade publications such as Town & Country and Publishers Weekly, the book received the attention that it deserved both in print and on air.

THE WRONG DOG by David Elliot Cohen

Because this book is a memoir, dog book and road trip book all rolled into one, I had the good fortune of looking at Cohen's campaign from a number of different angles. Approaching dog magazines and blogs was of course part of the mix, and a number of great national placements came from that push including Modern Dog Magazine. In addition, because the story celebrated a 3,291 mile coast to coast journey, lots of book signings were arranged in towns featured in the book as well as many interviews, reviews and articles scored in those locales from the Bay Area News Group's many newspapers in Northern California to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Finally, because the book is really well written and a very entertaining read, lots of miscellaneous attention was paid to the author from placing him on a panel at the 2017 Los Angeles Times Book Festival to television and radio interviews near and far.


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Brenda D.

Brenda D.

Dec, 2023

Working with David was a pleasure. He was flexible enough to allow for my broken time schedule due to my father's death. When we finally got to talk, he had some excellent advice about where my indie book fit in the larger world of publishing houses and marketing and some good, concrete suggestions about the next steps I need to take to promote my book in that world. He also had suggestions abo...
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Mark R.

Mark R.

Nov, 2023

Flexible responsive expert and facilitative within a very tight budget - thank you David!
Gail Hall H.

Gail Hall H.

Oct, 2023

I hammered away taking notes on everything David said. I came away with specific do's and don't's and the names of a number of media outlets to pursue for immediate action as well as long term planning. He also named media outlets that would not be a fit and would waste my time. I learned how book publicity is actually being practiced post-Covid. David was willing to listen to what I thought wa...
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Terri W.

Terri W.

Oct, 2023

David was pleasant and cordial and, most importantly, very generous with his time, expertise, and experience. I wouldn't hesitate to contact him again to pick his brain about the publishing world. He provided me with a fun hour of advice and honest feedback that every indie author can use and appreciate.
Brian P.

Brian P.

Jul, 2023

David is very professional, and I enjoyed working with him.

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