Tanya Clark

Tanya Clark - Ghostwriter

Melbourne, FL, USA

Experienced Fiction Author and Ghostwriter. Able to produce creative, high-quality, and error-free work in an extremely fast turnaround.

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Experienced Fiction Author, Ghostwriter, and Visual Arts Director. Able to produce creative, high-quality, and error-free work in an extremely fast turnaround time. I have ghostwritten several highly reviewed and profitable book series, as well as independent freelance projects with very satisfied clients. I am able to completely create all aspects of a storyline, or to work within a client's pre-existing idea. Also available for editing and proofreading.
English (US)
Magical Realism
Paranormal Romance
Science Fiction
Young Adult Fantasy

Work experience

Freelance Author

May, 2013 – Present (over 9 years)

I have ghostwritten several published and highly rated fiction book series, the most recent of which was a nine-book paranormal romance series. I have completed several independent freelance projects, the most recent of which was a gothic fiction prose short story. I have also written two YA urban contemporary fantasy books which are currently querying for traditional publication.

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