Hannah Sandoval

Hannah Sandoval – Ghostwriter

Novel ghostwriter w/ 6 years' experience, specializing in all fantasy genres + cozy mysteries. Expert in characterization + worldbuilding.


I am a freelance ghostwriter (specializing in all fantasy subgenres, with a special love for YA, and cozy mysteries) and copy editor (specializing in fiction manuscripts) based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I am the published author of six books (four fiction, two nonfiction). In my six years as a professional, I have worked on nearly three dozen manuscripts, either as a ghostwriter or editor. My ghosted work has received 5-star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads, and previous clients have received traditional publishing deals, manuscript requests from agents, and interest from movie producers.

I always seek to capture my client’s voice when polishing existing material into an arresting narrative style that pleases readers and agents alike. Without rich character development and engaging language, your riveting story idea can fall flat. If you choose me as your ghostwriter, you get one-on-one interviews with an experienced writer who can capture your voice and delight your readers. I love what I do, which means I pour passion into each project, giving every manuscript the care and dedication it deserves.

I place a strong focus on characterization and worldbuilding, ensuring each story has a solid foundation around which to shape the plot. I offer outline creation, rewrites of existing material, and from-scratch book creation. No matter the service, I always put your vision and feedback above all else, so that you get the book you've dreamed of on repeat in your head.

My BA in English with an emphasis in writing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga instilled me with knowledge of many creative and academic writing styles, creating the versatility required to act as a successful ghost. My work experience in the book printing industry (acting as a manuscript internal layout designer for the printing company 47Journals) and my Professional Book Editor certification from IAP has granted me insider knowledge of the publishing industry. My experience as a copy editor ensures that my prose is always up to par with Chicago guidelines.

I'll help you put your best foot forward for publication and bring your vision to life.

(Please Note: the books listed in my portfolio below are a mixture of editing clients, ghostwriting clients who have allowed me to disclose my involvement in their books in this way, and my own publications.)
Cozy Mysteries Epic Fantasy Horror Urban Fantasy Young Adult Fantasy
English (UK) English (US)
  • Best Fantasy Series in Channillo 2017 Awards
  • Best Paranormal Series in Channillo 2017 Awards
  • Professional Book Editor Certification from IAP Career College

Work experience


May, 2015 — Present

Manuscript ghostwriting, coauthoring, copy editing, and proofreading work for individuals, publishers, and packagers. Some publications/companies I have worked with include Atlantic Publishing Group, Hollan Publishing Inc., and GreencupBooks. I help experts with a message to send or individuals with a marketable story idea but no time or experience to write a book breathe life into their vision. My ghostwriting work has netted clients agents and readerships. I help self-publishing authors prepare their novels before publication, and I have also helped authors prep their books before submission to agents and publishers. Past client publishers include Black Rose Writing and She Writes Press.


Dec, 2014 — May, 2015 (5 months)

I formatted ebooks and literary journals (including PMS and Birmingham Poetry Review) from Word docs to .epub and .mobi files in order to make them compatible with electronic publishing devices such as Kindle. I also proofread a few of the manuscripts.


War of the Sea

Claire, D.


Kahn, C.

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Sandoval, H.


Claire, D.

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With themes of reproductive rights and feminism, this multi-generational novel presents three women whose paths cross at the Lindell Retirement Home. Constance Maynard, fierce, intependent and proud, reflects on her long life promoting women’s rights through h... read more
By The Wayside, the third story collection by award-winning author Anne Leigh Parrish, brings together eighteen previously published pieces about women in challenging circumstances, struggling to survive in a world that is often hostile to the female experience.
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Nancy S.

Nancy S.

Jun, 2023

Hannah is a delight to work with and very professional. She provided an excellent 1000-word sample for our stand-alone fiction novel. I highly recommend her services! Would definitely hire again!
James F.

James F.

May, 2023

Hannah’s feedback was insightful and ridiculously helpful - my story is exponentially better because of working with her.
Tanya D.

Tanya D.

Mar, 2023

Hannah is simply the best. Her advice only made my story stronger and better. I couldn't be happier to have meet her. The best choice to improve your manuscript.
Tanya D.

Tanya D.

Oct, 2022

This wasn’t my first time working with Hannah. And like always she was awesome. She brings your work to a whole new level. Do not hesitate. She’s the best in her art.
Colin R.

Colin R.

Aug, 2022

Hannah did a fantastic job editing my adult fantasy manuscript. She took the time to really understand the story I wanted to tell and characters I was building which allowed her to suggest edits that dramatically improved the storytelling. She pays attention to the details, catching the smallest of anachronisms and continuity issues in the text. I would absolutely work with Hannah again.