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Claire B – Ghostwriter

Author of Amazon bestsellers and immersive YA, romantic and epic fantasy.


Hello, my name's Claire, and I'm addicted to writing. That's why I've been ghostwriting for 10 years! I specialize in science fiction and fantasy for all ages, and have worked on cyberpunk thrillers, choose-your-own-adventure books, picture books and more.

I love nerding out about story, I love unique worlds, and I love complex characters. If you choose to work with me, we'll spend time giving your worldbuilding depth to make it stand out, and we'll populate your story with unforgettable characters. My current rates are as follows:

- outline: $.01/estimated word. I work best according to a detailed brief, so if you don't have an outline we can work together to make one. My outlines tackle plot, tone, theme and character arcs and are highly collaborative so that your vision is coming through from the very beginning. I like my outlines to be very comprehensive, to save us from extra edits later!

- rough draft: $.10/estimated word. If either of us sees a need to stray significantly from the pre-written outline, we will discuss it during this time and determine the best way forward. I can write 20,000 words per week on a rough draft, and my copy is clean. I'm happy to send updates as regularly as you require.

- first edit: $.05/word. This edit is where the biggest changes take place, and if we've been working off a detailed outline, this is usually the only edit required. I look at the big picture stuff, like scenes that need big rewrites, strengthening character arcs, and fixing plot holes. If the big picture stuff is minimal I also focus on things like ensuring that character dialogue is unique, adding detail to lacking scenes, examining language on a sentence level and removing crutch words from the manuscript.

- extra edit(s): $.03/word. If I drafted to a rougher outline, or if the draft diverged significantly from the outline, more edits might be necessary to bring the draft up to polish.

You can pick which services you need for an experience that suits you and your manuscript. If you're looking for something else - a beta read, a rewrite of an already-written draft, or another service - please reach out! Let's see if we can make something work.

Lastly, I know that style is a hugely important part of working together, so I prefer to do sample pages prior to starting a project. The price of the sample is deducted from the ultimate cost of the manuscript if we continue our collaboration.

Dystopian Epic Fantasy Middle Grade Fantasy Paranormal Romance Time Travel Time Travel Romance Urban Fantasy Young Adult Fantasy
English (UK) English (US)
  • Best YA of 2019 - Shortlist - Publisher's Weekly
  • Best YA of 2019 - Shortlist - Kirkus

Work experience


Jun, 2016 — Present

I am the author of two YA Fantasies and one YA thriller, as well as many short stories ranging from flash fiction to novelette in length. My novels have been published with Little, Brown and Harper Collins, while my short stories have been published in professional, award-nominated magazines.


Apr, 2010 — Present

I have ghost written books for children and adults, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, short stories, scripts and more! Most of my work is protected by an NDA, but don't worry - I will use that discretion for you as well!

I'm always willing to try out a project so if you think we might be a good fit, let's work on some sample pages together.

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J.T. E.

J.T. E.

Mar, 2024

Claire is a wonderful writer and consummate professional. Working with her has been an absolute dream! I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Angus M.

Angus M.

Feb, 2024

Claire exceeded expectations and was a joy to work with! Iskra and I can't wait till she's available for the next chapter: What Fun!; a night of music, magic and mayhem and—Milady de Winter. ;)
Kasie C.

Kasie C.

Feb, 2024

Claire’s work was beyond amazing! The writing was incredible and really brought my story to life. Claire was so professional and kind and worth it.
Arthur B.

Arthur B.

Oct, 2023

Was a pleasure to work with!
Joe M.

Joe M.

Sep, 2023

Claire was exceptional! This is our first novel and she really made it come to life. Once we get this one on Amazon we're definitely having her write book 2. Highly recommended!

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