Susan Watt

Susan Watt – Editor

Experienced and well-qualified editor who loves working with authors, especially on popular/children's science, psychology and philosophy.


I'm a very experienced and qualified non-fiction editor (books and articles, print and online) specialising in science, psychology and philosophy.

I have worked for many of the major UK non-fiction publishers, both on staff and freelance, including Dorling Kindersley (DK), Phaidon, BBC Books, and Oxford University Press. I have had the privilege of collaborating with many prestigious and influential authors, and I also enjoy working with first-time authors to help them shape and achieve the book they want to create.

I always give clear, explanatory feedback so that the editing process is a mutual learning experience. I can support authors all the way from initial idea to finished text, or just help with obstacles along the path towards publication, at an accessible cost.

I am currently looking to take on editing work, and I look forward to hearing from authors and publishers who may wish to collaborate.
Children’s Non-Fiction Math & Science Philosophy Psychology
English (UK) English (US)
  • BA Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
  • MA Psychology, University of Sussex
  • MA Philosophy, University of London
  • Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS), University of Derby

Work experience

Print and digital media

Oct, 2020 — Present

Recent projects include:
• Dorling Kindersley (DK) Education – editing a GCSE maths revision product, and contributing text and visual material for a 'coffee table' book on the history of mathematics
• Ignite Hubs education charity – developing a range of children's fiction books featuring science and technology topics to promote interest in STEM careers
• Eye Heroes medical charity – key member of the communications team, contributing to the communications strategy and content and responsible for editing all published documents
• Science in School (see also below) – editing/rewriting articles, advising on editorial processes and procedures, and contributing new content ideas.

Previous book projects have included:
• Watch My Baby Grow (DK): as Consulting Editor, I planned, commissioned and copyedited the text for this popular photo-based psychology book, combining parenting info with up-to-date scientific research. Quote from review: "Excellent book full of great illustrations and scientific information for weird baby behaviors. As an MD myself, I really enjoyed learning the science behind my baby and it helped me to feel more comfortable as a first-time mom."
• The World We Made (Phaidon): as freelance editor, I copyedited this future-focused text by renowned environmentalist Jonathon Porritt, achieving a quirkily good read true to the author's vision. Quote: "Jonathon Porritt's book dreams big, as if our future depends on it. And it does."―Richard Branson.
• Cousins: Our Primate Relatives (BBC Books): as Senior Editor, I commissioned the acclaimed academic and author Robin Dunbar to write this highly illustrated book to accompany the BBC TV series, also planning the content, copyediting the text and selecting hundreds of wildlife images. Quotes from reviews: "This is an absorbing book; a delight to read but at the same time thought-provoking."; "I recommend this to anyone who has ever watched David Attenbourgh in the middle of a lemur pack and thought, 'I want to be there'."

Science in School (at European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg)

Nov, 2016 — Oct, 2020 (almost 4 years)

I worked initially as a freelance editor on this journal for European science teachers published by EIROforum (a consortium of eight of Europe’s most prestigious science laboratories including CERN and the European Space Agency). In 2016 I joined the staff team while working remotely from London. Responsibilities included:
• Developing, copyediting and rewriting articles to create high-quality articles for Science in School’s worldwide readership
• Commissioning and curating content to produce balanced and engaging quarterly issues
• Editing articles across the sciences mostly written by non-professional authors (teachers and academics), many without native English
• Maintaining outstanding editorial standards, despite minimal resources
• Mentoring one junior editor.

Epigeum (Oxford University Press)

Feb, 2015 — Jul, 2015 (5 months)

I managed the editing and production of an online professional accountancy course (Intermediate Financial Accounting), working within highly challenging deadlines while achieving milestone and quality objectives and strict technical compliance, achieving early sign-off from the client, ACCA.

Duncan Baird Publising

Aug, 2000 — May, 2002 (over 1 year)

As managing editor, I created content outlines, commissioned authors and contributors, and managed editorial teams producing high-quality illustrated books in psychology and philosophy, including:
• Philosophy: Essential Tools for Critical Thought (later republished in the US by OUP as: Western Philosophy: An Illustrated Guide) – comprehensive and critically acclaimed large-format book presenting major ideas and thinkers in historical context. Quote from review: "[This] is an exciting, beautifully illustrated and clearly written introduction to a fascinating subject which should appeal to the general reader as well as students of philosophy."
• Brain Power (Readers Digest) – series of books showcasing new ideas from psychology to reveal how everyone can benefit from these in a practical way. Titles include: The Healing Brain, A Good Memory, The Conscious and Unconscious Mind.

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Fabiana F.

Fabiana F.

Feb, 2024

I hired Susan as a developmental editor and copyeditor. Susan's passion for my project and her dedication to support me in the subject matter I covered in my manuscript were key to my decision to working with her. Her thorough and detail-oriented approach significantly refined and enhanced my writing skills, and the first draft of my manuscript. Her expertise on topics related to psychology and...
Read more
Susan W.
Many thanks Fabiana. I very much enjoyed our collaboration, and I think the end result is superb, due to your immense commitment to the project. Very best wishes for the future.
Christopher Z.

Christopher Z.

Nov, 2022

I recommend Susan unreservedly. She did splendid development editing and line editing for me on a book manuscript in political philosophy; she is astute, professional, punctual, and her work was of highest quality. Her work improved my book immeasurably. Chris Zurn, philosophy dept., UMass Boston
Susan W.
Thank you so much, Chris. I greatly enjoyed working with you on your very interesting project, and I wish you every success with the book.
Fred A.

Fred A.

Jan, 2022

Your review was of considerable value. It is making me think of going in a different direction.
Susan W.
Many thanks for your review, and I'm glad you found my editorial analysis and recommendations helpful. Best of luck with your project.

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