Sarah Dunstall

Sarah Dunstall – Editor

Eagle-eyed editor with 25+ yrs' experience. CMoS, AP and AMA whiz! I specialize in health/ref/business/education/cookery. Copywriting dip.


I'm a full-time copyeditor with more than 25 years’ experience under my belt. Between 2014 and 2023, I edited approximately 3,212,250 words (and rising!) for my principal client. I’ve worked on all kinds of subject matter, from arts (education, architecture, business docs) to medical and techie material. In recent years I've worked on numerous business papers/reports/web copy, so I've developed a strong skill set in that area, too. I've also edited lots of recipes - I'm quite a foodie :-) I have the ability to absorb information quickly, or read around a particular topic, even if it's an area I'm not particularly knowledgeable in. I guess you could say I'm a good all-rounder...

PAST & PRESENT CLIENTS: Baillière Tindall, Cambridge University Press, Demand Media, Edanz, Ediket, editorr, Holt Saunders, Oxford Language Editing, Oxford University Press, Purecontent, The Charlesworth Group, University of Plymouth, Wordy.

Outside of my work, I’m interested in art & design, antiques & collectibles (mid-century modern, Art Deco, and all things nostalgic/retro), photography, indoor & outdoor plants, reading, nature & the natural world, and music of all genres.

If any of the above resonates with what you're seeking, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to working with you - or simply having a chat about the possibility of working together :)

Education & Reference Health & Wellbeing Parenting & Families Psychology
English (UK) English (US)
  • BSc (Hons) Science - psychology + education + business: University of East London
  • Copywriting diploma

Work experience

Create Academy

Jan, 2022 — Present

In 2022/23, I completed a number of projects for Create Academy, which delivers video courses in food, interiors, gardening and craft. For each of the following courses, I copyedited the workbook that accompanied the course:
- Gemma Moulton: How to Make Beautiful Curtains
- Lisa Dawson: Introduction to Resourceful Interior Styling
- Annie Sloan: Furniture Painting Masterclass
- Helen McGinn: An Expert Guide to Enjoying Wine
- A Year of Cut Flowers with The Land Gardeners
- Nina Campbell: A Definitive Guide to Decorating
- Jason Ingram: Garden and Landscape Photography Masterclass

I also copyedited "The Wine that Lived Forever" - a novel by Clay Stobaugh


Jan, 2013 — Present

Since 2013, I have copyedited/proofed countless books, journal articles, abstracts, conference proceedings, university publications (prospectuses, reports, magazines), web content, blogs, and more!
In more recent years, I have edited numerous articles, reports, and web copy in the fields of business/ education/ technology, among others, for my client Wordy.
To attest to the high quality of my work, I have received countless complimentary reviews from satisfied clients :-)

University of Plymouth, UK

Sep, 1993 — Nov, 2012 (about 19 years)

The careers role involved editing and proofing web content and numerous careers publications.

The web content role involved editing web copy and numerous other university publications.

Self employed

Jun, 1993 — Nov, 2012 (over 19 years)

In these years, I continued my copyediting odyssey with Churchill Livingstone, Academic Press and John Wiley, among others. I also parented two offspring - now all grown up!

RAPRA Ltd (Rubber and Plastics Research Association), Shropshire, UK

Sep, 1989 — Jul, 1991 (almost 2 years)

I was required to 1) commission new authors and publications, and 2) compile and proof a variety of journals (e.g., Cellular Polymers, Engineering Plastics, Progress in Rubber and Plastics Technology) and books (e.g., Rubbicana - the European Rubber and Polyurethane Directory, Toxic Properties of Polymers and Additives, Japanese Rubber Technology).


Mar, 1987 — Aug, 1989 (over 2 years)

I copyedited various titles for Churchill Livingstone, Academic Press and John Wiley, among others.

Holt Saunders Ltd (CBS Group)

Jan, 1984 — Jan, 1987 (about 3 years)

The birth of my publishing career! I completed a comprehensive 2-year training program in copy-editing/proofing medical and biomedical books (e.g., Mental Disorder: Its Care and Treatment; Jack Lyttle) and journals (e.g., Clinics in Anaesthesiology, Clinics in Oncology, Progress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Progress in Child Health, Progress in Clinical and Biological Research). A great foundation :-)


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