Shaun Loftus

Shaun Loftus – Marketer

Marketing consultant, digital media expert and all around production manager with a true love for indie authors!


We understand that writing a book is no easy feat. That's why we're here to offer our full-spectrum, white-glove services to independent authors like yourself. We've worked with scores of authors and have helped launch 500+ titles across all platforms. From debut authors to best-selling authors in the Amazon marketplace, we've got you covered.

Whether you're just starting to write your first book or have a completed manuscript, we're here to help. We can assist you with researching competition and discovering the most competitive genres. We can also help you hire and manage your editorial staff and find the best designers for your book cover.

When it's time to launch your book, we'll be there to help you create early buzz and arrange ARC campaigns. We'll make sure your book is online with proper meta-data and a world-class description. Our extensive experience with advertising on Facebook, AMS, and Bookbub, we'll help you design your graphics, create ad campaigns, and schedule promotions.

We're all about making your life easier, which is why we offer full-service packages, allowing you to focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest! If you're interested in learning more, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to chat with you.

Warmest regards,

Shaun and the team

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Work experience


Jan, 2012 — Present

Providing programming, site development and marketing strategy for online companies, retailers, individuals, and artists.

In addition to writing winning copy, my work has included site development, user interface development, SEO, SEM and media purchasing across platforms ranging from AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and PPC /PPM publishing platforms.


In ancient Rome, a woman flees for her life. Her enemies are those she once called ‘brother’. Hidden beneath her blue cloak are secrets men will kill for – forgeries that prove the newly self-appointed bishops are not followers of the way, but pretenders who h... read more
Le ombre del passato hanno molto da raccontare e molto da nascondere, e nessuno è senza colpa - c’è sangue, tanto sangue, nell’acqua.Appollaiato tra le vette delle Dolomiti, l’Acqua Morta era stato un tempo un albergo lussuoso e uno stabilimento termale famoso... read more
Still Life: A Memoir

Sutherland; J.

An inspiring and brilliantly observed memoir in the manner of Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air and Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie.Father, husband, athlete, medical doctor, Jeff Sutherland had built an enviable life for himself and his family by the... read more
A sublime essayist and author of the masterful political novels 1984 and Animal Farm, George Orwell is at least as relevant in the age of Trump and Brexit as he was in his own short lifetime (1903-1950). Both of his classic novels have been hot sellers over th... read more
Berlin, Germany 1932. In a time of political unrest and strife, one man finds the courage to fight back...Dr. Wilhelm "Q" Quedlin, chemical engineer and inventor, lives for his science. A woman is not in his plans—nor is it to be accused of industrial espionag... read more
From the bestselling author of the 'War Girls Series' comes a nail-biting story about Berlin sliding into the Cold War.The Third Reich has crumbled and Berlin is governed by the four victorious Allies.Werner Böhm, a German émigré to Moscow, returns to his home... read more
With the first iconic strum of the guitar on 'Take It Easy' the Eagles set a new direction for the country-rock infused California sound. They drew their inspiration from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, the Flying Burrito Brothers a... read more

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Nick S.

Nick S.

Jun, 2023

I can't say enough about Shaun and her team. They were fantastic to work with and my book turned out better than my wildest expectations. I plan on working with them for my next book.
Mary W.

Mary W.

Jun, 2023

Money well spent! I really needed someone to hold my hand as I self-published, and Shaun did that and more. Shaun handled the nitty gritty of formatting, uploading, getting on NetGalley, advertising, etc. Yes, it's all something you can learn and/or coordinate yourself, but if you're busy, it's great to hand this over to someone else with experience and learn while watching them do it successfu...
Read more
Carol E.

Carol E.

May, 2023

The Book Whisperer (Shaun Loftis) has a great team of helpful, talented professionals.
Shaun L.
Ah - thank you :). Of course, we aren't quite done yet!
Elliott S.

Elliott S.

Apr, 2023

I had an excellent experience with Shaun and her associates Rachel and Daniella. They are not inexpensive but are extremely professional and deliver real value. As I first time author I can not imagine releasing a book without them They read my novel and made several important suggestions. They helped me choose a superb, cost effective, responsive and efficient cover artist. They did a great ...
Read more
Bonnie M.

Bonnie M.

Mar, 2023

Knowledgeable, smart, proactive, friendly - just all-around brilliant. Shaun and her team know their stuff and really do deliver. It's not a cheap service, but it is worth every penny. I could not recommend them more highly.