Robin Patchen

Robin Patchen – Editor

Seasoned editor specializing in Christian romance genres working with all kinds of authors, newbie to NYT bestsellers.


I have edited both fiction and nonfiction for five years. I specialize in Christian fiction, but I've also worked on devotionals, self-help books, memoir, and more. Having worked with both traditional and indie publishers, I have a good understanding of reader expectations within different genres.

I tend to be a heavy editor, suggesting changes to improve the rhythm, cadence, and clarity of the prose even if those changes aren't necessary, per se. Also, I use every edit as an opportunity to teach and love nothing more than to see my clients grow in their writing abilities through the process of the edit.


“...a writing coach who professionally invests in and personally cares about my writing and me.”

“Her eye for both detail and the big picture makes her one of the best in the business.”

"My dreams of becoming published wouldn’t have been achieved so quickly without her expertise.”

“Teaming with Robin is one of the best things I did to develop my writing skill. Her ability to spot bigger issues in my story, as well as her solid command of grammar and craft, have made her editing services invaluable to me."

“Robin is much more than a proofreader or grammarian. She truly cared about the words I wrote and helped me make them better. I could not have accomplished the feat of editing my son’s story without Robin. I owe her my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation. I recommend Robin to any writer, amateur or professional, who wants to make the words of their heart the best that they can be.” -
Christian Fiction Historical Fiction Mystery & Crime Romance Women's Fiction
English (US)

Work experience

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas Smitten line

Jan, 2017 — Present

General editor for LPC's Smitten Line of Christian historical romance.

Serenade Press

Jan, 2014 — Present

Copyeditor for Serenade Press, a Christian romance line.


Jan, 2014 — Present

Provides developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, critiquing, and mentoring services to authors who range in experience level from newbies to bestsellers.


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Robin has 20 reviews





Shakur B.

Shakur B.

Sep, 2021

She is awesome.
Robin P.
Aw, thanks, Shakur. You were great to work with.
Pam T.

Pam T.

May, 2021

She was extremely helpful, encouraging and didn't hold back on her ideas and corrections.
Bruce W.

Bruce W.

Nov, 2020

Robin was masterful. Great bedside manner. On point feedback. Simply a great collaborator.
Marti B.

Marti B.

Oct, 2020

I truly enjoyed working with Robin, and feel she did an excellent job giving an Editorial Assessment. It was my first true edit, so I was nervous, but she was kind, which was important to me. She pointed out all of the things I needed to work on, and explained those things to me. I would gladly use her services again.
Robin P.
So glad you found the edit helpful, Marti. God bless you and your writing career.
Malory F.

Malory F.

Sep, 2020

Robin will absolutely make your story better. She is brilliant.

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