Melinda Crouchley

Melinda Crouchley - Editor

Portland, OR, USA

I'm a development editor who is passionate about collaborating with writers. Specializing in Young Adult, Dystopia, & Scifi.

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I'm a developmental and line editor who is passionate about working with authors/writers to improve their craft on a structural and line level. My goal is to foster a collaborative, shame-free editorial process with the ultimate outcome of serving up the best story possible.

As a current freelance editor and publishing assistant at Chemeketa Press, as well as a former managing editor at Ooligan Press, I've had the pleasure of editing and publishing manuscripts across a diverse array of genres including YA, literary fiction, dystopia, and speculative fiction.


I am also a writer/author so I deeply understand and am empathetic to the vulnerability and sensitivity of having your work edited. I strive to make the process as pain-free and compassionate as possible.

My first three novels were published independently and are now included in the Multnomah County Library digital collection and are available via Amazon.

Before I transitioned to editorial work, I spent a decade as a multimedia marketing and communications specialist. In my spare time, I manage a Little Free Library/food pantry in my neighborhood. As you can see, books are my passion and a large part of all aspects of my life.


"Melinda played an instrumental role in the developmental edit of my novel Faultland, and came up with a brilliant tool to help track plot points in my multiple POV narrative. She is a bright, rising star in publishing, and since she is also an author, she has a broad understanding of both sides of the editorial desk."
​- Suzy Vitello, Faultland

"Over the year we worked together, Melinda Crouchley earned the highest compliment I can give an editor: I trust her. I trust her skills, her work product, and her judgment. She demonstrates the rarest professional combination—fearlessness, competence, and empathy—and is unquestionably an elite editor who will help any writer find their book's most perfect version."
- Adam O'Connor Rodriguez, Senior Editor at Hawthorne Books

"I had the opportunity to work with Melinda through Ooligan Press for my debut novel, Laurel Everywhere. Not only is Melinda a fantastic editor, but she's also incredibly supportive--her warm notes and words of encouragement always made my day! Melinda has been a joy to work with."
- Erin Moynihan, Laurel Everywhere

"Melinda stepped into the position of Managing Editor for The Names We Take midway through the process of editing and made the transition smooth and seamless. She has a great eye for story and how to guide an author. I always felt like the door was open to ask questions or to get clarification on editorial corrections. I also really appreciated how Melinda handled the few times that I pushed back against suggestions--she was thoughtful and understanding in ways that made me feel comfortable enough to disagree. And that's important."
​- Trace Kerr, The Names We Take

"As Managing Editor at Ooligan Press, Melinda Crouchley served as midwife to my book Elephant Speak: A Devoted Keeper’s Life Among the Herd, guiding it (and me!) through every stage in the process of working with a university press in order to transform an admittedly rocky initial manuscript into its final glorious self. Through it all, Melinda never lost her cool or her unwavering enthusiasm for the project (at least not where I could see) and remained unfailing professional, elegantly poised, and supremely competent."
​- Melissa Crandall, Elephant Speak: A Devoted Keeper's Life Among the Herd

"Melinda is a dream editor to work with! All of her ideas are thorough and insightful, and she backs them up. She's one of the most detailed editors I've ever worked with and my book wouldn't be the same without her. Melinda is also wonderful at answering questions about her editorial notes, making sure you never get overwhelmed or discouraged no matter the scale of the edit. If you need an editor, she should definitely be at the top of your list!"
- Taylor Thompson, Writer, Story Associate, and Editor at Crazy Maple Studios, Author of Fight and Knockout
English (US)
Literary Fiction
Young Adult


  • Book Publishing
  • English Literature
  • Technical Writing
  • Digital Media Design

Work experience

Publishing Assistant

Chemeketa Press
January, 2022 – Present (9 months)

- Assist in copyediting and proofreading manuscripts, ancillary materials, cover copy, marketing materials, and website copy
- Assist in tracking titles’ progress and updates schedules based on communication with authors and editors
- Coordinate peer-review process of manuscripts and development editions
- Oversee the permissions process for manuscripts
- Handle multiple projects while maintaining high standards of quality control and meeting strict deadlines, often under tight production schedules

Project and Acquisitions Manager

Overcup Press
June, 2021 – January, 2022 (7 months)

- Manage book publication timelines for editorial and production schedules
- Coordinate communications with authors, publishers, freelancers, and printers
- Provide guidance and project support to press interns
- Write and edit content for books and marketing materials
- Review manuscript submissions and provide acquisitions suggestions to publishers

Managing Editor

Ooligan Press
April, 2019 – June, 2020 (about 1 year)

- Lead the content edit, copy edit, typecode, and proofread of print and electronic books
- Manage project based editing teams, compile edits, and write notes
- Construct and supervise editorial production schedule and coordinate with other departments
- Correspond with authors, individual book editors, and project team managers

Melinda Crouchley Editorial

September, 2018 – Present (about 4 years)

- Provide professional freelance writing, developmental editing, line editing, and book coaching services
- Member of the Northwest Editors Guild, ACES, Willamette Writers, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Portfolio (14 selected works)


Tompkins, Matt

Iditarod Nights

Hiday, Cindy

The Names We Take

Kerr, Trace

Laurel Everywhere

Moynihan, Erin

Faultland: A Novel

Vitello, Suzy

The Step Back

Bushnell, J. T.

The Gifts We Keep

Grindeland, Katie

Finding the Vein

Hanlon Wilde, Jennifer

Tin Road (The Metal Heart Trilogy)

Crouchley, Melinda Jasmine

Melinda has 3 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Courtney Perkins
This was a very fruitful and fulfilling collaboration! Thank you!!

Courtney Perkins, July 2022

Melinda Crouchley
It was fantastic working with you, Courtney. I can't wait to read the revisions and the rest of the trilogy!

Reply from Melinda Crouchley

Anders Åslund
I had an excellent experience working with Melinda. She made excellent suggestions for improvements and provided a roadmap to get my manuscript to the next level, and delivered them so clearly and professionally that I basically had zero questions after reading her report. Not only that, she was also very supportive and passionate about the plot, the characters, and the dynamics of the story, s...
Read more

Anders Åslund, January 2022

Michael Toeset
Melinda was a joy to work with. She was very professional and provided exactly what was promised. Her insights and critiques were excellent, and I will be revising my manuscript based on her feedback. Melinda also provided a Zoom session to go over things, which was very helpful as well. I definitely would hire her again!

Michael Toeset, November 2021

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