Melinda Crouchley

Melinda Crouchley – Editor

Editor of 6+ years specializing in YA, dystopia, speculative, and sci-fi. MA Book Publishing. Let's turn your obstacles into opportunities.


I'm a passionate author/editor who wants to turn your manuscript into the best book possible. My goal is to foster a supportive, collaborative, shame-free editorial process by focusing on targeted revisions to your book's structure, narrative, and language. Together, we'll turn the obstacles in your manuscript into opportunities.

As an author myself, I have so much empathy for the writing process. I understand the vulnerability of submitting your work for review, and the frustration of the revision process. Writing and revising are hard work, but the ultimate goal is improving your manuscript.

As the current Publishing Assistant at Chemeketa Press and former Managing Editor at Ooligan Press, I'm particularly adept at working with YA, Romance, Dystopia, and Science Fiction / Speculative Fiction manuscripts.


I'm the published author of the YA dystopian Metal Heart series. In my spare time, I run a Little Free Library in my community and love adding client books to its shelves. Stories in all forms (books, comics, movies, TV, video games) are an integral part of my life.


"I had the opportunity to work with Melinda through Ooligan Press for my debut novel, Laurel Everywhere. Not only is Melinda a fantastic editor, but she's also incredibly supportive - her warm notes and words of encouragement always made my day! Melinda has been a joy to work with."

- Erin Moynihan, "Laurel Everywhere" (YA fiction)

"Melinda played an instrumental role in the developmental edit of my novel "Faultland" and came up with a brilliant tool to help track plot points in my multiple POV narrative. She is a bright, rising star in publishing, and since she is also an author, she has a broad understanding of both sides of the editorial desk."

- Suzy Vitello, "Faultland" (literary, speculative fiction)

"Melinda has a great eye for story and knows how to guide an author. I always felt like the door was open to ask questions or to get clarification on editorial corrections. I also really appreciated how Melinda handled the few times that I pushed back against suggestions--she was thoughtful and understanding in ways that made me feel comfortable enough to disagree. And that's important."

- Trace Kerr, "The Names We Take" (YA dystopian fiction)

Dystopian Literary Fiction Post-Apocalyptic Romance Young Adult
English (US)
  • MA in Book Publishing, Portland State University
  • BA in English Literature, Portland State University
  • Technical Writing minor, Portland State University
  • Multimedia Design Certificate, Portland Community College

Work experience

Chemeketa Press

Jan, 2022 — Present

Editorial, marketing, design, and administrative support for Chemeketa Press, a publisher of affordable textbooks for students.

Overcup Press

Jun, 2021 — Jan, 2022 (7 months)

Managed book publication timelines for editorial and production schedules; reviewed manuscript submissions to provide acquisition suggestions to publishers.

Ooligan Press

Apr, 2019 — Jun, 2020 (about 1 year)

Led the developmental edit, copy editing, type coding, and proofreading of print and electronic books. Managed teams of editors, compiled edits, and corresponded with authors.


Sep, 2018 — Present

Provide professional freelance writing, developmental editing, line editing, and book coaching services

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Lydia C.

Lydia C.

Apr, 2024

This was my first experience working with a developmental editor, and I could not have asked for someone more professional, honest, kind, encouraging, or knowledgeable in her craft. I know that with Melinda's meticulous and carefully thought-out notes, I can make my manuscript the very best it can be! Highly recommend!
Melinda C.
Hi Lydia! Thank you so much for the feedback. It was a genuine pleasure to read your manuscript and I'm so looking forward to hearing more about your publication journey in the future. Best wishes!
Marc C.

Marc C.

Jan, 2024

Melinda delivered a thorough and thoughtful developmental edit of my manuscript, exactly on time. Her comments were very insightful and helped me think through some long-standing issues I'd had lingering, as well as pointing out some bad punctuation habits that had pervaded the entire book. She had a great way of phrasing things such that I could take the feedback onboard without it feeling too...
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Melinda C.
Thank you for trusting me with your book, Marc. It was such a pleasure to read, and I envision great things for your publishing future. Best wishes!
Veronika T.

Veronika T.

Jan, 2024

Melinda's feedback on my novel was exceptional, thorough, and encouraging. Her attention to detail, structure, and characters was excellent. I am excited to take her feedback and improve my novel. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an editor, and happily collaborate with her again.
Tony K.

Tony K.

Dec, 2023

Melinda's initial report was very well done, very thorough with many helpful suggestions. I hope to continue to work with her to bring my novel to market.
David L.

David L.

Oct, 2023

Melinda's work on my book, Last Mile, was exemplary! Her formatting and sharpening of the manuscript's style brought it to another level of uniformity. She surpassed my expectation by improving sentences, adding remarks about transitioning from passive to active voice, pinpointing where POV shifted so I could add distinction, noting sentences that were not totally comprehensible to the reader, ...
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Melinda C.
Thank you so much, David. I've enjoyed working with you and am looking forward to sending you notes on our second collaboration next week. It's been a pleasure to read!

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