Priscilla Kim

Priscilla Kim - Designer

Austin, TX, USA

Freelance illustrator who specializes in characters, portraiture, and visual narrative.

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I'm an illustrator who particularly enjoys painting strong women, playing with lighting and silhouettes, and delivering narrative punches. I've loved the fantasy and sf genre ever since I was a child, and love working in both adult and YA literature, as well as tabletop and video games.

My clients range from XPRIZE to Hi-Rez to Fantasy Flight Games, and I've worked on properties like Arkham Horror, Star Wars card games, Exalted, and Pathfinder. In addition, I've had work featured in the Spectrum Fantastic Art Annual and Society of Illustrators West.

Working on book covers combines my love of literature, single-image visual narrative, and imaginative realism. Depending on the needs of the cover, my render style can go between a more saturated, crisp tone suitable for YA, or go darker and feature stronger silhouettes and brushwork suited for an older audience. I understand the need to grab the eye from across the room, and I seek to make work that draws attention to itself and reads well at a tiny size.
Action & Adventure
Gaming & LitRPG
LGBTQ Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Science Fiction
Urban Fantasy
Young Adult

Work experience


September, 2014 – Present (about 7 years)

As a freelance illustrator, I adapt to whatever is required of the project. As a cover artist, I focus on creating images that read at a glance and grab the attention. As an interior artist, I seek to capture the mood of the moment. As a character designer, I try to encapsulate the personality and choices of the character in their appearance. I've created works for books and games of all stripes (card, board, video, tabletop RPG). I've also had work featured in the Spectrum Fantastic Art Annuals 24 and 26 and Society of Illustrators West.

Priscilla has 3 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Carrow Brown
I have worked with Kim on two covers so far and she makes the entire process painless. I absolutely love her and recommend her to anyone looking to use her skills for your cover illustration.

Carrow Brown, November 2019

Allen Copeland
Great work, excellent portrait work.

Allen Copeland, September 2019

Carrow Brown
I was so happy working with Priscilla. She was the perfect illustrator for what I needed and was so easy to work with.

Carrow Brown, June 2019

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