Nikita Kannekanti

Nikita Kannekanti - Editor

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Experienced editor of comics & graphic novels. I love working on diverse character-driven stories, no matter the genre!

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Hello! My name is Nikita, and I am an editor always looking for character-driven stories to work on! I have had 5 years of experience in editorial overseeing the whole process of making a book from start to finish. I have worked with writers and artists from the initial outline to shaping scripts and art, getting the book ready for press, and crafting and finalizing marketing copy. I'm a very collaborative person - I love to hop on calls to discuss the creator's vision for the story and how we can get there together, and my goal is always to make sure the creator's vision is achieved.

Some graphic novels I have worked on are: ENOLA HOLMES: MYCROFT'S DANGEROUS GAME (the official graphic novel sequel to the first Enola Holmes movie) and original books such as THREE LITTLE WISHES (written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Steve Yeowell) and CHAMPIONESS (written by Kelly Zekas and Tarun Shanker and illustrated by Amanda Perez Puentes).

Please reach out if you have any questions! I would love to hear from you and work with you!


"Nikita is a tremendous editor, supportive, into the fine detail and always willing to go the extra mile. She made a huge positive effect on Three Little Wishes. I can't wait to work with her again."

- Paul Cornell, writer of Three Little Wishes and Doctor Who

“Nikita is a great editor with careful, intelligent, and sensitive feedback. I never felt shoehorned into telling a story my editor's way, but rather that someone was there to spot the holes and pitfalls of the story I wanted to tell. She's also great at communicating and was always quick and informative with any questions I had.”

- Mickey George, writer of The Heart Hunter and Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game

“Nikita is an insightful, encouraging editor who made our first time working on a graphic novel a truly delightful one. She easily carved out the story we wanted to tell and cared as much about our characters and world as we did. She is responsive, engaged and a true partner to creators in the publication process.”

- Kelly Zekas, writer of Championess

"Working with Nikita was an absolute joy, and she brought with her two of the most vital talents as an editor: communication and patience. Without fail, she let us know where we stood, what was expected of us next, and also gave us the space and the bandwidth to exceed those milestones with our best work. I knew that when we approached her we had a good book, but afterwards, through her guidance and insight, we ended up with a great one.”

- James F. Wright, writer of Lupina

“Nikita is the type of editor we trust through every step of the process—from her creative guidance in developing our narrative to her expertise in the nitty-gritty of publishing and printing—and she made our book better in ways we never imagined.”

- Tarun Shanker, writer of Championess

English (US)
Action & Adventure
Comics & Graphic Novels
Coming of Age
LGBTQ Fiction
Young Adult Fantasy

Work experience

Senior Editor

Legendary Comics
February, 2018 – Present (about 5 years)

Portfolio (11 selected works)


Zekas, Kelly, Shanker, Tarun, Puentes, Amanda Perez

The Heart Hunter

George, Mickey, Gagnon, V.

Lupina Book One: Wax (1)

Wright, James, Buszka, Li, Glendining, Bex, Maher, Ariana

Pacific Rim: Blackout

Scott, Cavan, Dániel, Nelson

Three Little Wishes

Cornell, Paul, Yeowell, Steven

Lupina Book Two: Wane

Wright, James, Buszka, Li, Glending, Bex, Clinch, Martin, Cvetkovic, Frank

Tragic Volume 1

Mele, Dana, Pinti, Valentina

Enola Holmes: Mycroft's Dangerous Game: Mycroft's Dangerous Game

Springer, Nancy, Sposito, Giorgia, George, Mickey, Angiolini, Enrica


Chobot, Jessica, Lewis, Erika, Aguirre, Claudia

Tales of Carnival Row

Mann, George, Landrus, CM, Velasquez-Witosky, Charles, Crair, Jordan, Price, Magda, Woods, Ashley, Storms, Gus, Tolibao, Harvey, Sposito, Giorgia, Hoelzemann, Robin


Lewis, Erika, Barrowman, Carole, Barrowman, John

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