Michael Doane

Michael Doane – Marketer

Michael Doane is a marketer and web developer who loves to help authors build their platforms and connect with their audiences.


I started helping authors market their books because I am an author myself.

After finishing my second novel in 2014, I still wasn't ready to hit publish. I wanted to know everything about the landscape of the digital publishing industry before I put my own work out there. So I started working with authors in various genres. I was amazed to find that the principles of inbound content marketing and multi channel advertising that I was already so familiar with applied to authors and book marketing.

With a background in product marketing for an events management software company, I'm pretty familiar with the digital landscape and what it takes to gain traction on social media, through various advertising platforms, and via an email list. Being a strategist at heart, I'm passionate about empowering authors with the right set of tools and a solid plan of action to make a big impact on their audience.

My experience in the events industry also comes in pretty handy. Part of being an author is getting face-time with potential readers. I love helping authors find their voice and book gigs speaking or presenting at libraries, conferences, and book fairs.

So I ask you: Are you ready to find your audience, connect with readers, and sell more books? If so, send me a message and let's get started.
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Work experience

Writing Inbound

Nov, 2015 — Present

Writing Inbound helps authors in various genres formulate strategies and tactics to find their audience and reach their readers.


Jan, 2015 — Oct, 2015 (9 months)

At Booktrope, I worked with authors on their social, advertising, and blogging plans. I also built websites for authors and created marketing funnels.


Nov, 2013 — Present

I'm a full-stack marketer at CadmiumCD, an event management software company. I'm in charge of everything from multi-channel advertising, trade shows, integrated sales, and email marketing to social media, content development, blogging, and inbound strategy.


Maldene: Volume One and Two

Tierno, Mark Anthony

Magnus Opum

Gould, Jonathan


Pienaar, Adii

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Monsters come in many forms, and not everyone knows a monster when they see one. After three hundred years of monstrous, feral elves plaguing the island nation of Selkirk, everyone believes they know what a monster is. Humans have learned to live with their sa... read more
Transported light years in a heartbeatRipped from Earth in a horrifying teleportation accident, archaeologist Eliana Fisk finds herself stranded on a strange planet whose denizens want her as a human sacrifice.Can she stay out from under the knife long enough ... read more
Buck Hawthorne has an uncanny talent for finding things. So much so, the police along South Carolina’s Grand Strand call him the Wizard of Ocean Boulevard.A beautiful client appears at Buck’s door in the midst of a tropical storm. Sent by the mother he thought... read more
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BP Gallucci

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Corine Dehghanpisheh

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Having read this book - As an entrepreneur or aspiring executive, you will gain the knowledge and skill to see how your startup will succeed or the company you work for should be working, paving the way for your arrival in the C-Suite. Crisis management, the b... read more
The first novel of a 12 part LitRPG epic series ''More Than a Game" has captivated Russian readers and was voted New Fantasy Book of the Year [in 2014]. Andrey Vasilyev's masterpiece 'More Than a Game' is now at long last available to the English-speaking peop... read more
The Debut Novel From Michael Doane Written in the same tradition as On the Road and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Michael Doane’s The Crossing explores what it means to exist in 21st century America. She’s out on a pier, deep in the ocean. A tidal... read more
Haelo Marley is not your typical mermaid. Real mermaids don’t have fins. Summoning ocean currents at will and feeling the auras of those around her are Candeon capabilities completely wasted at high school. When the memory of an underwater battle surfaces in h... read more

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Ann B.

Ann B.

Jun, 2024

From the outset, the professionalism and personable approach of Michael set a remarkable tone for our collaboration. Not only does he bring a wealth of knowledge from writing and marketing his own work, but he also provided me with a concise and tailored plan that perfectly matched my current stage in the book publishing process. His availability to discuss diverse topics as I progressed was in...
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Sam W.

Sam W.

Jan, 2024

Mike was extremely helpful in helping me navigate the initial couple of months of my book launch. Very helpful and reasonably priced.
Colin S.

Colin S.

Dec, 2023

Working with Michael was great. My book project was in a bit of a weird place when I hired him, as I am still working on pitching to agents for traditional publishing, while building the marketing infrastructure for self-publishing as a backup (which can still be used to support my book via traditional publishers), but that meant we couldn't really market my book in detail right now. Still, Mic...
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Fred S.

Fred S.

Sep, 2023

I recommend him.
Heidi M.

Heidi M.

Aug, 2023

I highly recommend Mike because he provides an individualized marketing plan for you based on where you are in your book marketing journey. While my book is fairly newly published I have a great plan to continue marketing in the future based on his recommendations. I can't thank him enough for his great job and for his prompt response to my questions.
Michael D.
Thank you for the kind feedback, Heidi. I look forward to a continued collaboration and the success of your book!

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