Chris Brandt

Chris Brandt – Marketer

Marketing strategist bringing decades of experience in music + nonprofit industries to book marketing, coaching 200 authors around the world


I've worked with over 200 authors around the world in the last four years to help them make a splash with their new book. My specialty is non-fiction, primarily with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and public speakers who see their book(s) as part of their larger business ecosystem.

I enjoy meeting regularly with authors to coach them on the best ways to reach their goals, and how to prioritize their efforts for the greatest impact at every stage leading up to, and after, the publication of their book. We'll dive so deep into what you really want out of your book that we will learn the names of each other's pets, and reverse engineer a strategy from your end goals. I bring music industry marketing experience to the publishing world, and I promise that we will rock your book launch.

"The fact that Chris cares (and knows a hell of a lot) would make me want to work with him, work for him, or have him work side-by-side with any sort of job." ~ Andrew Hallam, author of Balance

"There are people in this world who claim they go the extra mile. Few, however will go the extra 101 miles they way Chris does and do it with genuine heart. With sales steadily increasing, and the online buzz spreading about the book, we feel blessed that Chris was there for us from the start and helped guide the ship. Batman had Robin and we have Chris! " - Gair Maxwell, author of Big Little Legends

"Chris provided essential strategic and execution support for the launch of my book, Change on the Run. His blueprint effectively guided me through the phases of pre-launch, launch and post-launch activation. From positioning to tactics to timelines, I was able to maximize awareness and interest, which led to a number one “hot new release” designation in Amazon’s competitive Business Systems and Planning category and a top 25 percent global downloads podcast. I recommend Chris to anyone in need of targeted marketing expertise and help to influence their audience and achieve their strategic objectives." - Phil Buckley, author of Change On The Run

"Chris single-handedly motivated me to do more to promote my book and gave me solid and smart ideas for how to do it well. He knows what works!" - Lee LeFever, author of Big Enough

"Chris was a delight to work with. His depth of experience in the field and his creativity was so valuable. He was always insightful and practical, offering perspectives and tactical suggestions that gave us confidence. He was there to support us every step of the way. Chris was always responsive and ready to help, bringing his years of experience in the book promotion industry to help us build a robust marketing and outreach plan. His reassuring, confident style and practical advice was so valued. A consummate professional and would highly recommend him as a trusted partner." - Rick Lash & Christine Miners, authors of Once Upon A Leader

Business & Management Finance & Accounting Health & Wellbeing Inspirational LGBTQ Non-Fiction Music Parenting & Families Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Works with
  • TELUS Innovation Award (2017)

Work experience


Oct, 2023 — Present

Providing marketing tips for authors on social media under the name "BookMarketingDotca". Get a sense of my style and offerings before we work together.

Page Two Strategies

Nov, 2019 — Feb, 2023 (over 3 years)

Extensive experience working with nonfiction authors from around the world on the marketing strategy for their books. Clients include business and thought leaders, professional speakers, and experts in their field. Knowledgeable in bestseller campaigns, brand building, coaching, and an expert in Amazon advertising.

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Sep, 2013 — Present

Authored the curriculum and instructs all three courses of the Music Business part-time studies program. A fourth course is in production.
Manages all marketing and promotion of the course. Directly responsible for 90% of enrollment.
The program is entrepreneurial in focus, producing top musicians, producers, managers & more.

Music Heals

Jul, 2012 — Oct, 2018 (over 6 years)

Foundation mandate to raise funding for music therapy in Canada and awareness for music therapy around the world. Built an internationally respected organization with virtually no marketing budget, relying entirely on social media and creative partnerships. Built the charity from an idea on a napkin to raising $2m in 5 years.


Jan, 2010 — Dec, 2020 (almost 11 years)

Client work includes nonprofit and brand strategy for The Awesome Music Project, HeroWork, and Charity Electric, directing strategic partnerships for EventChain, marketing strategy for book publisher Page Two, and managing the social media for
Social media consulting for brands like Gibson’s Finest, Buddha Board, non-profits, restaurants, small businesses. Once raised $280,000 through Instagram.
Invited presenter on social media storytelling & noisemaking at conferences including World Music Therapy Conference (Japan), Breakout West (Regina, Whitehorse), Social Media Camp (Victoria), Digital Non- Profit Conference (Vancouver), Victoria Yoga Conference, Saskatoon Jazz Festival, and the European Music Therapy Conference (Denmark).



It was an honour to work with Chief Robert Joseph on the launch of his book, Namwayut: A Pathway To Reconciliation. The book was ranked by Indigo, Canada's largest book retailer, as the #2 book of 2022.

I worked closely with Chief Joseph, the team at Reconciliation Canada, his editors, his social media team, and sales and distribution teams across North America.

Amazon Bestseller Status

Do you want to be an Amazon bestseller? 90% of my clients have achieved this status. I will guide you through a proven strategy to give you the best possible shot at topping the charts, and how to use that asset in future marketing.

Why We Serve: Stories of Today's RCMP Members

A unique project featuring the most recognizable Canadian institution, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This project is a limited edition hardcover with a much higher price point than the average book. This book celebrates RCMP Members serving today, during the RCMP's 150th anniversary, through the stories of 150 Member officers, and is a luxurious high end product with incredible photography. We were able to secure bestseller status on Amazon several months before publication date.

Our marketing strategy combined the activation of existing email lists for the community, and targeted online advertising. Amazon ads are part of the post-release plan, with a focus on Canada. Since this project is a one-time print run, our long term goals are simply to sell through the copies to be printed. We pre-sold 20% of the entire print run before pub date!


We were able to leverage the author's global audience to achieve bestseller status in Canada, US, and UAE in highly competitive categories involving investing and retirement planning. Pre-orders of the book were high enough to cover the author's original investment, meaning that by pub date he had completely recouped. This book also engaged in a very successful ebook campaign, which saw 10,000 copies purchased by a third party and were distributed to their clients, at a notable profit margin for the author. Now with over 250 reviews on Amazon.

Testimonial from Andrew Hallam, author of Balance:

I can't take credit for this...but I think it's the world's best advice for all teachers, employees and leaders:

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

I didn't know Chris before Page Two publishing assigned him to me (or me to him) to be my upcoming book's marketing coach and strategist. Chris formulated a step-by-step marketing plan, starting almost 10 months before my book was scheduled to be released.

He provided tips for my website, and he always gave great feedback on changes we made. Chris showed me how to build an email list of supporters and his marketing guidelines were always clear. He would say, now that you've done that, here's what you should think about doing next.

My wife and I always looked forward to our monthly Zoom (marketing strategy) calls with Chris and we had helpful email exchanges more than once a week.

So...what's with the fuzzy opening quote? Chris' marketing expertise alone probably puts him in the top 10 percent of marketing experts. But that wouldn't be worth a thing without something much more important.

While we worked together, Chris showed genuine interest in me and my wife as people. Let me explain how important that is:

Marketing isn't easy. As I plugged myself for radio, newspaper and podcast interview exposure (something only a narcissist might enjoy) I reported my successes; to Chris. He also gave me the right questions to ask, when seeking media exposure, and he often looked up the audience/media reach for those who agreed to interview me.

Whether the exposure was big or small, Chris treated each of them like a victory. This gave me confidence to keep going. It might sound silly, but after I scheduled my 27th radio/podcast interview, I thought, Chris will be so impressed if I can get that number to 30!

As I write this, three days before my book's launch date, I've scheduled 40 radio/podcast interviews and multiple newspaper and blog exposures. If it weren't for Chris' constant cheerleading and guidance, I would likely have quit after scheduling 10 interviews. And ten is a lot!

Chris doesn't get paid based on how many books I sell or how much media exposure I get. But his encouragement never wavered, and that kept me pursuing more exposure.

But this isn't just about book marketing. The fact that Chris cares (and knows a hell of a lot) would make me want to work with him, work for him, or have him work side-by-side with any sort of job.

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Chris knows a lot. And he cares. The guy is a rockstar (music pun not intended).

The Awesome Music Project

The Awesome Music Project was so much more than a book launch. We started with a 100 day social media campaign, transitioning into the launch and promotion of the book, and then the authors launched a charity. This is an example of how a book is often part of an author's larger ecosystem. We utilized social media and Amazon advertising, an influencer campaign, and tied the book to national and international events surrounding music and mental health. It's important for authors to bring all of their circles of influence together for their book, and there are strategies to use the book to help the author achieve their larger professional and personal goals.


I Love It Here

Pulver, Clint

Marketing Strategy
Why We Serve: Stories of Today's RCMP Members

Federation, The National Police

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Erin B.

Erin B.

Mar, 2024

I am delighted by Chris's work! Chris offers a high-quality system, providing meaningful instructions and rationale. He always responded thoroughly, often within an hour. He is a clear communicator, flavoring his valuable insights and guidance with humor and friendliness. I always knew what we were doing and why, and felt excited where previously was daunted. Chris held me accountable without p...
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Shaley H.

Shaley H.

Oct, 2023

I cannot begin to tell everyone how incredibly helpful Chris has been! He helped me literally every step of the way over the past 6 months, preparing me to self-publish. I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but with Chris leading the way, my book was published and it's already been a huge success! If you are considering self-publishing, please know that there are a bizzillion steps. It...
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Bill D.

Bill D.

Oct, 2023

Chris gave me remarkable assistance in areas of the publishing business in which I am the weakest - sales and marketing. He took the time to understand the genre of the book that I wrote and my goals. I explained that my primary goal was to gain speaking engagements more than enormous book sales. Once Chris understood what I wished to accomplish, he put together a complete and detailed marketin...
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Katheryn S.

Katheryn S.

Jul, 2024

He’s amazing and patient
Greg Allen M.

Greg Allen M.

Jul, 2024

Let's begin by saying Chris is a great guy and very knowledgeable, and I think that if you want to play the Amazon algorithm game he can probably help you if you know a lot of people who will buy it on launch day because you ask them to, and will review it because you ask them to. And if your book is easily categorized like "Vampire Romance" or "Mystery" or what have you. My book isn't easily c...
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