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Heather Wallace – Marketer

As a Top 200 Reedsy Provider, I strive to make marketing your book easier so that you can feel less stressed.


When writing a book, "The End" is just the beginning. The truth is that publishing a book is very different from launching one. Publishing a book simply makes it available for purchase, while launching a book sets it on a path toward success.

If your book has already been published, you might think it's too late, but the good news is that you can take action at any point during the life of your book to give it that added boost.

As a book marketer, I will work with you to put together actionable steps that you can use, such as:

• Metadata optimization of your categories and keywords to help with your book's ranking

• Writing a professional book description that will hook readers and help your book standout

• Creating a marketing strategy that’s easy and painless for you to implement

• Creating eye-catching A+ Content to help convince readers to take a chance on your work

Read on to learn more.


Without an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan, marketing your book can seem overwhelming. You might wonder where to start and what steps you should take to try and achieve success.

With my help, we can work together to get you on the right track so that you can easily reach your target audience using the most efficient methods and the most effective means.

With my book marketing strategy there to guide you, what once seemed complicated will now be a cinch as you follow the steps that I lay out for you to follow.


All too often authors overlook one of the most important parts of the marketing equation by glossing over the keywords that they enter when submitting a book for publication.

Unfortunately, this failure to fully optimize their book's details is almost certainly costing these authors sales, and they probably don’t even realize it.

That is where I can help. With my background in publishing and technology, I understand the steps that need to be followed to optimize your book’s bibliographic metadata.


Without an eye-catching description you could be losing out on potential sales. But, with my assistance, you can instead tempt readers with a winning description.

I have written a wide selection of nonfiction and fiction descriptions and I am eager to bring my expertise to your book as we work together to craft a book blurb capable of compelling shoppers to click the Buy button.


Because A+ Content is so beneficial at providing yet another conversion opportunity, I will use my marketing expertise and design skills to create a selection of A+ Content that you can publish to your book's page as you endeavor to spur sales.


Think of me as a partner on this publishing journey whose job is to make the marketing and technical side of things less stressful.

Contact me today, so that we can take the first step toward embarking on this publishing partnership.
Children's Fantasy Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (NZ) English (UK) English (US)
  • Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree

Work experience

Independent Publishing Company

Sep, 2013 — Present

Exclusively responsible for guiding publications from inception through publication. This includes idea generation, working with independent contractors to generate content, project management, and formatting publications. Responsibilities also include implementing marketing initiatives and developing and managing company websites.

Through my efforts, the company’s most popular title was able to generate over $130,000 in sales during its initial year of publication. In addition, Publisher’s Weekly highlighted that title as being among the industries bestselling, adult coloring books during the week covering May 15, 2015.

Technical Editor

Aug, 2011 — Mar, 2012 (7 months)

As the sole technical reviewer for Foundation Website Creation with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, I worked to ensure the technical accuracy of this title.

The Vindicator

May, 2003 — Aug, 2003 (3 months)

During this summer job I worked in conjunction with photographers and a section editor as I progressed through the journey from assignment to conducting interviews to meeting my deadline for publication. The majority of the articles that I produced achieved front-page placement within their respective sections.


Nov, 2002 — Present

Authored several titles that have reached bestseller status on both Amazon.com and international Amazon domains. In addition to authoring said titles, I also undertook promotional efforts and, as a result, was able to secure coverage on several prominent websites. Finally, one of my books was endorsed by foremost self-publishing expert Dan Poynter as “...meaning the difference between failure or ultimate success.”


Jun, 1994 — Oct, 2011 (over 17 years)

Having begun creating static websites with only HTML, my knowledge of web development evolved with technology until I became proficient in using WordPress as a CMS. I also engaged in content creation for said sites in order to drive organic traffic and maintain a loyal readership.

Finally, I used affiliate marketing and integrated ads from networks in order to generate revenue. It is was through this experience of creating, maintaining, and acting as the managing editor of multiple websites that I was able to acquire the qualifications necessary to author WordPress 3 Site Blueprints for Packt Publishing.


Saving Schrodinger's Cat Metadata and Description

This was the second time that Mark and I worked together. During this collaboration, I mainly concentrated on researching the metadata for this thriller science fiction novel as well as writing an attention-grabbing description.

The City of Infinite Life - All-Around Marketing

When working with J.M., we went over all aspects of her marketing. This involved providing her with a marketing plan, researching her metadata, and writing a compelling and gripping description.

Number One New Release for Thailand for Couples

During my time collaborating with David, I worked on many aspects of his marketing including researching the keywords and categories that he had a better chance at dominating on Amazon. In addition, I also wrote a description designed to draw in shoppers and tempt them to buy this niche-specific travel guide.

The collaboration proved to produce good results when, shortly after its release, David's book achieved number one status in the optimally targeted Bangkok Travel Guides category.

The Saracen Storm Number One Bestseller Status

I worked with the author on many aspects of their marketing, including a marketing plan and metadata optimization. Several months after the conclusion of our collaboration his title was number one on the History eBooks of Spain & Portugal chart on Amazon.

Metadata and Description for The Postflop Poker Workbook

For this nonfiction title, I performed various tasks for the author including writing his book's description and researching its metadata. Days after its publication, his book became the #1 New Release in the Puzzle and Game Reference category on Amazon.

Myface Novella Marketing and Description

Author Kevin Landt worked with me on the marketing of his novella Myface. This included tasking me with creating the description for his book. In writing this description, I endeavored to build interest and intrigue around the story of social media sensation Angela Fox, who has suddenly taken the world by storm and, in the process, greatly impacted the lives of several strangers.

Reedsy Author Success Story Feature

Author Chris Selwyn James was featured on the Reedsy blog for the success that he saw with the release of his book Panik. Because I was his marketer, I was also spotlighted in the article and credited with being an instrumental part of the reason why his book was able to reach a ranking of #3 on Amazon within a category that I had advised him to choose.

Heart of the Island Marketing and Description

The author of the Project Adventure series contacted me to assist him with marketing for his new middle-grade fiction book series. This included writing a description for Book One.

Psychology of Final Fantasy Marketing and Description

During our collaboration, which included many aspects of marketing assistance, Anthony M. Bean, PhD also hired me to write the description for his book that's geared toward video gamers, as well as scholars, researchers, and professionals in fields including Psychology, Psychiatry, Communication Studies, and Gaming Design.

Feel Good X Corp Description

Author Bhada Sinhaphalin was so happy with the job that I had done writing the description for his previous book that he hired me once again to write the description for the next installment to his Feel Good X series.

Feel Good X Teens Description

In addition to hiring me to perform several other marketing tasks, author Bhada Sinhaphalin also had me write the description for his self-help book/workbook geared toward teens.

Hot New Release for Panik

Following our collaboration, which included metadata optimization, author Chris Selwyn James found that his book Panik had landed on Amazon's Hot New Releases chart in three separate categories that he was advised to choose.

Hot New Release for No Be From Hia

Following our collaboration, which included a marketing plan and metadata optimization, author Natasha Omokhodion-Kalulu Banda found that her book No Be From Hia had achieved a ranking of number 2 on Amazon's Hot New Releases chart for one of the categories that she was advised to choose.

Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire Bestseller Status

Thanks to my optimization efforts and Amazon expertise, author Dan Conway was able to achieve bestseller status in at least two of the categories that I discovered as being optimal choices for his book.


Marketing Strategy Metadata & Blurb Optimization
Made with Reedsy
Finding Joy in Medicine

Manesh, Reza

Marketing Strategy Metadata & Blurb Optimization
Metadata & Blurb Optimization
Metadata & Blurb Optimization
Made with Reedsy
The Question Is Murder

Willen, Mark

Marketing Strategy Metadata & Blurb Optimization
Made with Reedsy
Feel Good X: Live your life. Love your life.

Bhada Sinhaphalin

Feel Good X is a holistic approach to help you lead a more fulfilling life with just minutes a day of practice. Using timeless concepts from this global movement, you’ll discover how to map ou... read more
Metadata & Blurb Optimization
Made with Reedsy
Death, Discovery and Carne Asada

Curran, Thomas

Made with Reedsy
Finding Alice (Miller Mysteries)

Carlyle, Rebecca

Made with Reedsy
The Needle Shower

Heywood, Donald

Made with Reedsy
Engage at Dawn: First Contact

Hochsmann, Edward

Made with Reedsy
The Night the Doorbell Rang

Harris, Chalon J.

Made with Reedsy
Babies Build Toddlers

Bissonnette, Mariana

When the Financial Times interviewed Dan Conway for a story about cryptocurrency millionaires, he told them the unvarnished truth:"I invested because I wanted the underdogs to win, for once - ... read more
Metadata & Blurb Optimization
Metadata & Blurb Optimization
Made with Reedsy
A Dream of Stewards (Keys of Time Book 1)

Martin, Yohann

Marketing Strategy Metadata & Blurb Optimization
When is a coloring book more than just a coloring book? When it's also a scavenger hunt, of course! When you open up the pages of this book, you'll find that you've been transported to a place where fairies frolic and gnomes are known to dwell. With images tha... read more
Follow along as you work to build a variety of sites-all using WordPress. Each chapter is devoted to the construction of a different type of site that can be created with WordPress and the right combination of either free or premium themes and/or plugins.While... read more
What would you say if I told you that your dream of success could become a reality? Wouldn't you love to be the exception rather than the rule? It is possible to succeed where others have failed with print-on-demand. There are steps that you can take to tell t... read more
Learn How to Draw Dogs and Puppies with Step-by-Step Illustrations That Make Drawing EasyWith the help of the easy-to-follow illustrations found in this book you'll quickly be able to learn how to draw a whole bunch of dogs and puppies. For each character, det... read more
Finally! An adult coloring book that urges all of you introverts out there to band together to color, but, you know, separately and in your own homes. Because, let’s be realistic, who wants to socialize when you can stay at home and color? After all, coloring ... read more
Seriously Fun Dot-to-Dots Hours of dot-to-dot entertainment awaits inside this challenging collection of intricate and entertaining connect-the-dots puzzles. With over 20,000 dots to connect, puzzlers are sure to enjoy solving each and every one of these artis... read more
When a monkey mysteriously appears in one family's bath tub they aren't quite sure how he got there or what he'll do next. However, in this delightfully illustrated children's book, one thing is certain; taking a bath is only the beginning of this monkey's ant... read more
Foundation Website Creation with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript shows the entire process of building a website. This process involves much more than just technical knowledge, and this book provides all the information you'll need to understand the concepts behind... read more

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Michael Simon B.

Michael Simon B.

May, 2024

Heather did a great job and produced a number of solid work products.
Mark W.

Mark W.

Apr, 2024

Heather did a fabulous job on so many things for my debut novel. The materials she provided for a sound marketing strategy were informative and valuable. Her media kit, A+ Content, and social media graphics were excellent. She did a fantastic job crafting a professional book description. Her metadata optimization of my novel’s categories and keywords was excellent. She removed much stress from ...
Read more
Greg W.

Greg W.

Apr, 2024

Heather really brought some sharp professional knowledge to my fantasy book blurb, along with some great technical detail. I came out ready to push to Amazon.
Adrian H.

Adrian H.

Apr, 2024

Heather went above and beyond my expectations while working with her. I learned so much throughout this process. Would highly recommend working with Heather to any new authors who are looking to get their book out there in the hands of potential readers.
Karl S.

Karl S.

Apr, 2024

Heather was very helpful throughout our collaboration. I am very new to working with books and literature and she was very supportive in getting me through the process so that I understood what my next steps should be and what I should prioritize. She was professional and got the work done ahead of schedule. Definitely recommended.

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