Laurence Bisot

Laurence Bisot – Translator

English-French translator. Translated book extracts on history, a book on education, magazine articles on astronomy, history, wildlife.


As a qualified English-French translator, I have 10 years of experience translating non-fiction books and magazine articles published in French magazines by Oracom. I love working on texts which will disclose new information and transmit new knowledge to the readers.
My favourite subjects are:
- History: I have experience in the Middle-Ages, which fascinate me, and 20th-century wars and battles, but there is no limit to my curiosity when it comes to history.
- Science: I work a lot on space and astronomy, and even on astrophysics! I also enjoy Earth sciences.
- Wildlife: what an amazing world we live in! My recent webinar on wildlife terminology was well received by the translators' community.
These subjects have always interested me beyond work, and non-fiction authors can count on my enthusiasm and dedication to convey their knowledge to the French readership.

MITI member of ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting, UK) and SFT (Société française des traducteurs)
Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences Education & Reference History Nature Travel
English to French
  • Master in English language and civilisation (France)
  • MA in Translating (UK)
  • MITI Assessment English-French

Work experience


Jan, 2014 — Present

I am a freelance translator translating general texts (legal, marketing, technical).
My main experience comes from regular work for Oracom, a French magazine publisher, translating articles from varied magazines or book extracts. Subjects include history, science (mostly astronomy, astrophysics and space travel) and wildlife:
- Science Uncovered, Focus, How it Works, All About Space (see example in my Gallery)
- The World of Animals
- BBC History, extracts from history books (see examples in my Portfolio) published in French magazines
- DK illustrated encyclopedia (astronomy, science, history), see example in my Gallery.


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Donald S.

Donald S.

Jan, 2023

I am very happy with Laurence.

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