Kristina Ilciukaite

Kristina Ilciukaite – Translator

English to Spanish book translator focused on non-fiction. 11 years of translation experience and over 20 books translated.


I was born in Lithuania and raised in the south of Spain. I grew up surrounded by my two passions: books and languages. When I got older, I decided to study Translation and Interpreting and did my master’s in Literary translation. Over the past ten years, I have translated twelve books, including novels, non-fiction, and self-help books, as well as numerous user and technical manuals. I enjoy the translation of non-fiction the most, for the amount of knowledge it provides. I certainly love the entire process of getting a manuscript, translating it and proofreading it numerous times to develop a new source of inspiration for the readers of another language and culture.

I am aware of the stresses and concerns that writing and publishing cause to the authors, so when it comes to the translation of their books, my focus is to make the process as smooth as possible for them. I like to give the authors the certainty and the peace of mind that the translation delivered is going to be of the highest standard. I translate and proofread the translation twice afterward to make sure that the quality is ready for publishing. I aim for a flawless translation, and I would never settle for less than that.

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Health & Wellbeing Self-Help & Self-Improvement Travel
Historical Fiction
English to Spanish
  • Translation and Interpreting bachelor's degree
  • Editorial translation master's degree

Work experience


Jul, 2011 — Present

I am a professional English-Spanish translator. My translations are accurate, of high quality and I am able to work in a timely manner. I have done multiple translations for diverse channels and I am able to provide a superb translation at all times. I am also translating books, I have translated 9 books so far from English into Spanish.


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Nina H.

Nina H.

Apr, 2021

Kristina was an amazing translator. I would highly recommend and use her services again!

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