Kelly Burch

Kelly Burch – Editor

I am a freelance copyeditor, proofreader, and indexer with more than twenty years’ experience with academic publications and light fiction.


I have more than twenty years of experience, with a record of meeting or exceeding deadlines. I have copyedited and proofread hundreds of journal articles and books in a large range of fields.

I see my role as, first, to be an asset to the publisher by understanding the publisher’s mission, adhering to house style, and being a professional representative; second, to diplomatically guide the author through the copyediting or proofreading process, with respect, transparency, and flexibility; and, third, to apply my copyediting and proofreading skills to the text to provide readers with a work that clearly presents what the author intends.

I feel it is important to stay up-to-date on the consensus of language experts on style, usage, and grammar. I’m aware that these things change with time and that sometimes a rule becomes passé.

I consider it vital for me to find the author’s voice, discern the appropriate register for the material, and help to maintain these throughout the work. To aid the author, I provide brief, clear queries and explanations. When the author expresses interest in learning more about my reasons for a suggested change, I provide a longer, more detailed explanation, with backup from the experts when appropriate.

I keep my software and hardware up-to-date, I have a thorough knowledge of how my software can aid me in editing, and I’m always on the lookout for macros and techniques for increasing efficiency.
Because I have twenty years of experience in copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing, and writing, I am fast and I am thorough. I know what kinds of problems to look for, when and how to use reference materials, and when to ask the production editor for guidance.

Because I love my work and the written word in its many forms, my clients have in me an advocate with a fresh perspective, enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, and flexibility.

The end results are that readers will never have to read a sentence twice to understand it; that authors learn to trust me, feel I am there only to help, not impose my editorial will on their work, and are confident their work contains no errors; and that I’ve fulfilled my role in helping publishers uphold their reputation for publishing an excellent product.
Education & Reference History Political Science & Current Affairs
Women's Fiction
English (US)
  • Certificate in Copyediting,  University of California, San Diego, extension

Work experience


Jul, 1994 — Present


The first English language translation of Bedier's classic work in nearly seventy years, this volume is the only edition that provides ancillary materials to help the reader understand the history of the legend and Bedier's method in creating his classic retel... read more
"A dazzling recreation of the most memorable Middle English poem, and one that captures the original alliterative verse in all its dimensions: sense, sound, and rhythm."---Ad Putter, Professor of Medieval English Literature, University of Bristol
Maps and illustrations are included, as are a chronology of the Wars for Independence, suggestions for further reading, and a thorough index.
Argentinian writer Eduardo Gutiérrez (1851-1889) fashioned his seminal gauchesque novel from the prison records of the real Juan Moreira, a noble outlaw whose life and name became legendary in the Río de la Plata during the late 19th century.John Chasteen's fa... read more
An attractive new alternative as both a translation and a pedagogical tool. The volume includes an excellent introduction by Dante scholar Steven Botterill (Univ. of California, Berkeley), clear and informative notes by lifelong Dantist Anthony Oldcorn, a conc... read more
The study of classical languages by earlier generations of English-speaking students was greatly facilitated by the study of English grammar in the schools, a tradition now out of favor but one that emphasized precisely the concepts, terms, and constructions n... read more
Drawing on a rich, interdisciplinary collection of U.S. and Mexican sources, this volume explores the conflict that redrew the boundaries of the North American continent in the nineteenth century. Among the many period texts included here are letters from U.S.... read more
"Sixteenth-century Augsburg comes to life in this beautifully chosen and elegantly translated selection of original documents. Ranging across the whole panoply of social activity from the legislative reformation to work, recreation, and family life, these extr... read more
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Is Cupid and Psyche a romance, a folktale, a Platonic allegory of the nature of the soul, a Jungian tale of individuation, or an archetypal dream? This volume provides Joel Relihan's lively translation of this best known section of Apuleius' Golden Ass, some u... read more
A landmark scholarly achievement . . . With judicious commentary by several of the leading experts in the field, this book dramatically expands the canon of texts used to study the black Atlantic and the African diaspora, and captures the tenor of the 'black v... read more
In the winter of 1807, while Berlin was occupied by French troops, the philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte presented fourteen public lectures that have long been studied as a major statement of modern nationalism. Yet Fichte’s Addresses to the German Nation hav... read more

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Leah D.

Leah D.

Feb, 2024

Kelly was very thorough and competent, and delivered the job on time. I would definitely hire her again!
Kelly B.
Leah was wonderful to work with. She was professional and friendly. She answered my questions about the work immediately, and she was very clear about the scope of the work.
Megan G.

Megan G.

Nov, 2023

I just can't get enough. Its very easy to work with Kelly, shes fast , efficient , and as always patient with s newbie like myself. she has done three of my books now. I hope she will be there to do many more.
Vicki F.

Vicki F.

Apr, 2023

Working with Kelly was amazing. She was incredibly professional and competent. She made it easy and my manuscript was significantly enhanced with her help.
Megan G.

Megan G.

Jan, 2023

Kelly has done it again ! With my second book, She has made the editing experience so simple and flawless. Thank you so much.
Kelly B.
Megan is wonderful to work with. She is thoughtful and considerate and very talented. Thanks, Megan! I look forward to the next book in the series!
Megan G.

Megan G.

Mar, 2022

Kelly helped make my experience quick and simple. Being new to the book writing world I was nervous for every experience I had to go through to create my book. She made me feel comfortable even with the knowledge I lacked. Thank you Kelly, it was a great pleasure !
Kelly B.
Thank you, Megan! It was a joy working with you, as well.

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