O. Marie Dosier

O. Marie Dosier – Editor

Meticulous editor & proofreader with experience working with both new and established authors. Specializing in romance genres.


Copyeditor and proofreader with a passion for writing and developing message architecture that helps authors and entrepreneurs communicate with audiences both online and offline in a consistent and relevant manner.

I bring more than 20 years of experience to my projects as a public relations writer, content editor, and proofreader for independent publishing companies, media outlets, marketing campaigns, and production companies.

I have written video scripts, digital advertisements, social media content, blogs, and much more. I am highly creative and thrive on helping to cultivate a concept and fully executing it through to completion. I love watching the finished product come together like a work of art.

If it’s written, I can help! From email newsletters to course content, first drafts to final revisions, I’m dedicated to providing high-quality editorial and proofing services for authors and content creators who want to deliver clear, concise, and compelling content to their audience.

My editing style is conversational. I offer suggestions for rewrites and ask a lot of questions, but I know the importance of not stepping on an author's toes. I take tons of notes while I work to zero in on inconsistencies. I'm that slightly annoying, but well-meaning friend who always corrects your grammar.

African American Fiction Contemporary Fiction Romance Women's Fiction
English (US)

Work experience


Aug, 2008 — Present

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Monique C.

Monique C.

Aug, 2022

Unfortunately, my experience with Octavia has been poor to say the least. From the start at every point a response, submission of work was due from her, there was always an excuse to justify the delay. Tactics ranged from emails left in drafts, misunderstanding of dates/timelines, attachments not included in email. It started to become clear as being tactics because of the frequency emails were...
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Tyler K.

Tyler K.

Jun, 2022

I am very glad to have had O. Marie's help in editing my novel. She has had an eye to edit things I never would have noticed or knew to pay attention to.
Don P.

Don P.

Jun, 2022

Consumate professional.
Tabitha A.

Tabitha A.

May, 2022

Ms. O. Marie did a wonderful job on editing my work. She asked for clarity where there may have been confusion and didn’t make assumptions. She also gave me the freedom to say yay or nay to her suggestions. She stayed in communication with me as much as was possible. I happened to send her an incomplete copy of my manuscript on accident, instead of the completed one and she took the time to sti...
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Trinity U.

Trinity U.

May, 2022


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