Julia Weisenberger

Julia Weisenberger - Translator

Waldkraiburg, Germany

English/German translator and proofreader with over 40 novels on the market. Main subjects: Romance novels, comic books and manga.

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I have been translating over 40 Romance novels since 2008 with the main focus on Dark Romance, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary and Humour. I have been working with publishers (e.g. RandomHouse, Plaisir d'Amour, Sieben Verlag, Royal Romance) and self-publishers (e.g. Jaina Diamond, Jenika Snow, Alta Hensley, Osiris & Beryll Brackhaus) from all over the world. For the German publishers Tokyopop, RandomHouse, Carlsen and altraverse, I have also proofread their manga, and proofread several novels in English and German.

Working with me you will get:
- A 2-in-1 with a professional translator working hand in hand with a proofreader to make sure you get the best quality
- If you need help with finding a German title for your work, I will also assist with that.

Let's work together so your creation can reach even more people all around the world.
Book Translation
English to German
Contemporary Romance
Romantic Comedy

Work experience


January, 2008 – Present (over 14 years)

– Translations for German publishers
– Translations for English publishers and self-publishers
– Proofreading for German publishers (e.g. TOKYOPOP, Carlsen, altraverse) and English speaking self-

Portfolio (39 selected works)

You Are Mine (Die Lykaner 2) (German Edition)

Snow, Jenika, Weisenberger, Julia

Erik (Arizona Vengeance Team Teil 2) (German Edition)

Bennett, Sawyer, Weisenberger, Julia

Big Bad Wolf (Die Lykaner) (German Edition)

Snow, Jenika, Weisenberger, Julia

Buns - Unwiderstehlich

Clayton, Alice

The Vessel: Ein Erbe für Lucius (German Edition)

Snow, Jenika, Weisenberger, Julia

Professor (German Edition)

Snow, Jenika, Weisenberger, Julia

The Kingdom (German Edition)

Snow, Jenika, Weisenberger, Julia

Rival - Bittersüße Liebe

Douglas, Penelope

Aflame - Lichterloh

Douglas, Penelope

Undeniable - Eva und Deuce

Sheehan, Madeline

Until You - Nur mit Dir

Douglas, Penelope

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