Jose Amaral

Jose Amaral - Editor

Teresópolis - RJ, Brasil

As a passionate learner of languages with insatiable curiosity, havecreated my own Approach to reach full fluency in foreign tongues.

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I'm a Communication professional

English (US)
Business & Management


  • Certificate of Proficiency in English. The University of Michigan. USA.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Universidade Estacio de Sa. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Work experience

Sales/Marketing Specialist Focused on Effectively Generating New Revenue.

September, 1987 – Present (about 31 years)

Sales/Marketing Leader with more than 40 years of experience.
Have created 2 successful Startups from the ground up, through dedicated and effective Business Development efforts.
Experienced in Team Supervision;
Procurement, Vendor Management;
Bilingual Copywriting and Public Relations in English and Portuguese;
Creator of Dujan Lingo Intensive Language Practice, my unique Approach To Effectively Master Foreign Languages;
Extensive Experience in developing and executing Localization Projects;
Contributor to Google Translate since October 2015.
(Top 5% Contributor in French, Portuguese and English as of February 2017).
Accustomed to thrive in fast-paced environments and tight deadlines.

Core Competencies
• Sales and Marketing Strategy
• Researching/Sourcing
• Vendor Management and Procurement
• New Business Development
• Team Building & Leadership
• Multilingual Public Relations
• Bilingual Copywriting
• Fluent in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese
• Integrated Communication
• Foreign Language Optimization
• Localization Project Execution & Management
• MS Office, Adobe Fireworks, Corel Draw, Autodesk Inventor


Completed Course in Commercial Photography with honors.
Germain School of Photography. New York City, USA (1969).

Certificate of Proficiency in English.
The University of Michigan. English Language Institute.
Ann Arbor, Michigan/USA (1970).
Bachelor of Arts in Communication.
Universidade Estacio de Sa. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1977).
Completed Basic German.
Goethe Institut - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1978).
I won Full Scholarship (First Prize) to complete studies in Munich, Germany.
This was the first time that Goethe Institut, Rio de Janeiro ( founded in 1956) awarded the highest note to a language student.
Completed Intermediate German (Mittelstuffe II).
Goethe Institut. Munich, Germany (1979).
Completed Basic French.
Alliance Francaise. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1988).
Completed French Conversation - Superior Level.
Alliance Francaise. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1990).
Completed Intermediate Conversation in Italian.
Private coach. Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2011).

Experience & Accomplishments
Custodio de Almeida - Trademark & Patent Specialists. 1965 - 1966
Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.
Bilingual Commercial Correspondent English/Portuguese.
Translator of patent and trademark specifications to/from English, Portuguese.
I often had to send standardized letters to international clients about the progress of brands and patents.
I chose to write personalized letters for each Client every time.
Even if I had 20 of those letters on the same day.
So, I forced myself to advance my fluency in English even further.
While turning a dull routine into something much more interesting and useful.

Pan American World Airways. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1966 – 1968
Applied for a job as a Reservations Agent.
From the first week, I worked hard to move to the front store.
In less than 40 days, I was promoted to Sales Agent and started to have direct daily contacts with passengers from different countries in English, French and Portuguese.
I completed 3 Sales Training series in New York City/USA and
Sao Paulo/Brazil, as part of PANAM’s Advancement Incentive Program.

Weiman & Lester Laboratories 1969
New York City / USA.
Worked as part-time Photo Lab Technician,
while attending Germain School of Photography in New York City.

Co-Founder of Fotogenia Studios. December 1969 - 1977
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Using my natural talent for Sales, I co-founded this business to sell photo albums and posters.
In less than a year, we were developing larger Photo Projects, company presentations, Product Catalogs and complete Exhibition and Photo productions for national and international Fairs and Exhibitions.
In addition to bilingual audio-visual presentations for private and public Organizations in many different Regions of the Country.
GE Brazil, Cyanamid, The Sidney Ross Co. (Brazil), FAG Arquitetura, Ministerio da Educação e Cultura (MEC) and Departamento de Turismo (Brazilian Government Agency), were some of our Clients.
Thanks to my own fast pace and out of necessity in equal measure, I soon began to participate in the management of the professional photographers, copywriters and illustrators that we hired for the complete audio-visual productions, as well as the supervision of the narrators of scripts in English, French, German and Portuguese.

FAG International Fairs and Exhibitions 1977 – 1979
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.
Have been invited by the Company’s CEO to act as his Assistant.
Worked as Interpreter and Public Relations man (English, French and Portuguese) during the Company’s Events and Press Conferences in Brazil and overseas.

Cassar & Millelli Ltd. 1979
Prien Am Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany.
Sales & Marketing Assistant to the CEO

Self-employed Sales and Marketing Specialist 1980 – 1987
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Co-founder of Dujan 1987 – to the present Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.
New Business Development.
Product Development and Production Supervision.
Vendor Management & Procurement.
With more than 27 years of experience in Sales, I started Dujan to buy and sell Car Security parts and accessories.
Driven by necessity and persistence, I began to look for new ways to grow my business. That’s how I began to develop and patent Spare Tire Locks for cars, pickups and SUVs.
Dujan’s Spare Tire Locks are Virtually Tamper-Proof.
The Lock mechanism is hidden and protected by a Free-Rotating Sleeve
It’s only possible to activate the mechanism with a special, high-security Combination Key.

In less than 3 years, Dujan was regularly selling its exclusive line of Locks to most Car Dealers in Brazil that carry Citroen, Ford, Fiat, GM, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Toyota and VW.

CEO of Dujan Communication 2010 – to the present.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sales/Marketing Director
New Business Development
Localization Projects Management
Bilingual Copywriter (English/Portuguese).

Sales/Marketing Specialist Focused on Effectively Generating New Revenue.

September, 1987 – Present (about 31 years)

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