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Carmen Smith – Editor

NEA speaker. Published author. I've put NYTimes bestselling authors and Amazon #1 bestsellers through my self-help and memoir boot camp.


There is no feeling like walking into your house and seeing your book on the shelf.

Just this month, I’ve gotten three emails from clients who had that amazing feeling. The first quit her corporate job to become an author and travel the country, the second started with no following and her book is an Amazon #1 new release, and the last one brought tears to my eyes: "Thank you for helping me finish my book. This is a wonderful legacy to leave my children, the proof of a dream that came true."

None of these writers were famous, none of them knew what they were doing when they started, but they all have proof of a dream that came true.

That’s what I want for you.

I have cycled across the USA, built a tiny house, and sailed the SOC, but some of my favorite journeys are the ones I have taken with my clients.

My ten years of editing and my master's degree in English help me understand not only the current manuscript but the vision behind the content as well. Grammar is just the tip of editing. In my hands, your content will become even smoother, crisper, and more compelling.

Recent projects:

>Led a writing workshop with the National Endowment of the Arts Big Reads program

>Editor for a Simon & Schuster book by Chip Heath whose books have been on the New York Times bestseller list, sold 3 million copies, and translated into 35 languages

>Chief editor for the world’s largest online HR encyclopedia

I see myself as a publishing mentor, supporting and guiding authors as they take their book from manuscript to publication. I will also give you free access to my proprietary Book Launch Kickstarter Kit. As an editor and the co-founder of a publishing accelerator, I’ve helped 355+ authors turn their book into a reality.

Most editors have not helped build the careers of authors who have sold over 3 million copies. Here's how rare that is, you only have to sell 5,000 to 10,000 copies in a week to land on the NYTimes bestsellers list. Some of the authors I've worked with have sold 600 times that amount! To ensure each author gets the time and attention they deserve, I have a PROJECT MINIMUM: $1,200.

Let's start with a complimentary sample edit and phone call. Here's to dreams that come true!


"Writing and publishing this book has been the HAPPIEST YEAR of my life. From our first interaction, you've asked thoughtful questions and listened, truly listened to what I needed. Elise and Carmen, with all that I am, thank you."

- Wen Peetes, Inner Child Healing

"I thought I would be anxious to receive feedback, but I was actually excited when it came through so I could understand, implement, and learn what to look for in future books. The recommendations were thorough and easy to digest. Every remark was valued!"

- Blake De Vos, The Six Pillars Of A Rewarding Life

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Career Guides Health & Wellbeing Inspirational Psychology Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (NZ) English (SA) English (UK) English (US)
  • MA in English
  • BS in English

Work experience


Apr, 2011 — Present

Co-founder. Manage three editors. Line editor for upcoming Simon and Schuster book by bestselling author Chip Heath whose books have sold 3 million copies and been translated into 35 languages.

National Endowment of the Arts

Mar, 2020 — Apr, 2020 (about 1 month)

Developed and taught a 4-week virtual memoir writing workshop curriculum, “Making Room: Eliminating the Barriers to Writing Your Story” in conjunction with the NEA Big Reads program.

Northern Illinois University

Aug, 2015 — May, 2017 (over 1 year)

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Nathan K.

Nathan K.

Apr, 2024

Wow. Carmen is the finest professional editor with whom I've worked. Some of her strengths include: putting her ideas, suggestions, and edits into such clear language that it unmistakable and specific what she means. She strikes a beautiful balance between highlighting where writing is working or even shining so the author is aware, and identifying without holding your hand where the writing ...
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Betsy S.

Betsy S.

Feb, 2024

I can't say enough good things about Carmen's work. She dug so deep into my manuscript, catching timeline knots and thematic clashes I couldn't see. She went above and beyond with recommendations and guidance, and I feel invigorated about my next round of edits and revision. Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, she was professional but human with the very delicate subject matter of my ...
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Carmen S.
Thank you, Betsy. What an honor it was to work with you. Your story is powerful, and your writing takes took my breath away so many times. I am so happy that our paths crossed, and I hope they do s...
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Austin E.

Austin E.

Jul, 2023

Carmen was an outstanding proofreader. Not only were her edits accurate and detailed, I really enjoyed working with her. She cares about her craft and interacting with her was not mechanical but personable—which has been rare with editors I've interviewed for my book.
Carmen S.
Working with Austin was a fantastic experience. It would not be too far a stretch to say I enjoyed reading every single word of his book! :) In terms of the collaboration itself, Austin is a great ...
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Andrew T.

Andrew T.

Jun, 2023

Carmen was outstanding and a pleasure to collaborate with. From our opening call, she was attentive and showed that she cared about my priorities. She was accommodating with my requests and went above and beyond in the value she delivered. Her feedback was as generous, detailed, and insightful at the beginning as it was at the end. It was also clear and easy to implement, helping my message com...
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Cassandra C.

Cassandra C.

Jun, 2023

I loved working with Carmen. This was my first book and I expected to leave an editing process a bit defeated (as I did with red penned essays in school). I was surprised there was also a lot of positive feedback, which really encouraged me to keep going. I did not feel that youthful dread of reading her notes as I did from the feedback I got in my younger years. The notes she made were thought...
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Carmen S.
Made me tear up. There's nothing that I want more than my feedback to not only make the book better but to give writers a boost of energy on this journey that takes so much resilience and persevera...
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