Lisa Mullenneaux

Lisa Mullenneaux – Editor

Award-winning editor dedicated to getting my clients the widest possible audience for their work. I specialize in nonfiction, esp. memoir.


Nothing I could tell you compares to the evidence: my 5-star reviews. Because I also wear an author's hat, I know the value of caring, constructive feedback. I offer developmental editing for fiction and nonfiction manuscripts and give 200% to my clients, with suggestions designed to get your words to the widest possible readership. With that in mind, I can also point you to a sympathetic agent who can guide you through the publication process.

Samples of the books I've edited are below. Some of my favorite recent projects are

* a widow's determined quest to seek justice for her husband's death

* the life-and-death stories of an Emergency Room doctor

* a principal's advice on how to create a student-friendly school

* tips and winning techniques from a world-class tennis coach

* a patient's guide to psychotherapy, and

* a children's adventure story with illustrations.

As diverse as these stories are, I have loved all of them and enjoyed collaborating with their authors to make them as compelling as possible for the widest number of readers.

I offer a video conference as part of our contract so you can respond to my suggestions for revision and ask any questions about next steps.


“Lisa brings intensity of purpose to everything she does. I am confident she will serve her clients well.” Judith Kerman, author and publisher of Mayapple Press

“I recently sought the services of Lisa M. for a thorough proofread of my latest novel and was extremely pleased with her work. Lisa charged a more-than-reasonable fee and delivered in a couple weeks. In addition to a spelling-and-grammar scan, she also suggested several editorial changes, which were very helpful. I can recommend her with total confidence and will definitely use her for the next book. Alan J. Paul, author of Mercy: The Devil is in the Details and Walrus: Monster in the Mist

“Lisa M.’s professional generosity and editorial assistance has been a tremendous asset since 2013. She has a keen eye and ability to synthesize material. Lisa points out gaps in my writing that have encouraged me to make my papers more robust, less inchoate. Furthermore, I have enjoyed our working relationship. Lisa is dependable, precise, and earnest.” Amy Kraizman, CUNY Graduate Center

“Lisa, you did an amazing job editing my dissertation. Your diligent and prompt responses made the writing process painless and enjoyable. Working those three years with you was such a wonderful and pleasant experience. You are not only an experienced editor but also knowledgeable in a range of topics. During the entire time, I felt like you were thoughtfully engaged in my own work. This made a huge impact on the writing and final manuscript. The stylesheet you created and your constant communication were of enormous help, and consequently, improved my writing skills.”

Yesenia Ruiz, author of a study of transnational migrant elites in the US and Mexico.

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Computers & Internet Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Health & Wellbeing
Historical Fiction Literary Fiction
English (US)
  • 2016 Award for Professional Development, University of Maryland UC, 2016
  • PEN America Emergency Grant, 2020
  • The Foley Poetry Prize 2022
  • The Fourth Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Competition, 2016

Work experience

University of Maryland GC

Mar, 2015 — Present

Penington Press

Jan, 2000 — Dec, 2004 (almost 5 years)

Random House, Hearst, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, West Group, Delmar Careers, Gale, Simon & Schuster

May, 1999 — Nov, 2014 (over 15 years)

Matthew Bender

Apr, 1990 — Dec, 1998 (over 8 years)

Lisa has 24 reviews





Brandon W.

Brandon W.

Mar, 2023

Lisa was absolutely great to work with. She was patient and kind with all the questions from a first time author and her developmental analysis and editing she did was on the mark. Will use Lisa's services again for the next book I already stared working on. Recommended!
David M.

David M.

Feb, 2023

Lisa went above and beyond with her consult. Her suggestions were extremely helpful. I enjoyed working with her.
Melitta S.

Melitta S.

Dec, 2021

Lisa had incredible attention to detail and interest in my story, helping it grow enormously. As a first-time writer, she guided me through this new world with professionalism and kindness. Her help was invaluable.
Lisa M.
Thank you, Melitta. You make it look simple to write an engaging children's book, but that's because you have a gift. Very good luck!
Taffy W.

Taffy W.

Apr, 2024

My collaboration with Lisa was disappointing. I had expected much more than what I received for her fee. Most of her comments were things that were obvious to me, or were things that were written that way for a reason. I did appreciate her suggestion regarding format consistency, but that was really her only helpful comment. While I realize my book is not a masterpiece, I expected to receive mo...
Read more
Lisa M.
Taffy, I hope when you read my reaction you will consider changing your public feedback in the interest of "honesty." Despite your admission you'd had a negative experience with a previous editor, ...
Read more
G.J. F.

G.J. F.

Apr, 2024

Lisa quickly provided what I needed.

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