Jasmin Kirkbride

Jasmin Kirkbride – Editor

An experienced editor and author, I’ve worked on Booker-longlistees and Amazon bestsellers. Qualified, kind and honest. Specialises in SFF.


Kind, honest and encouraging, I want to help you create the best book possible. I guarantee complete commitment to your work, and will provide clear and detailed comments to help make your dream project a reality.

I am a publisher, editor and author with experience working in fiction and nonfiction. Currently undertaking a PhD Creative and Critical Writing, looking at climate change in science fiction literature, I also hold an MA Creative Writing: Prose Fiction from the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Previously, I was the Publishing Director at Endeavour Media, and have been a freelance developmental editor, copy editor and proofreader for publishing houses such as Boiler House Press, Rebellion, Garnet Publishing (inc. Ithaca Press and Periscope Books), Tenebris Books, Endeavour Media, and Momentum Books. This has involved work on a Pulitzer-winner, a Man Booker-longlistee, and a memoir featured on BBC Book of the Week, as well as Amazon top ten bestsellers. Similarly, I have worked with authors who have won the Caine Prize for African Writing and been shortlisted for the Man Booker International.

As a journalist I have written for Publisher's Weekly, Time Out and BookBrunch, as well as having had four self-help books and several short stories published as an author in my own right - so I understand exactly what your work means to you!

From editorial assessments and developmental editing to copyediting and proofreading, I can work with your manuscript at any stage, and have 6+ years experience in editorial publishing, guiding books from the beginning of their publishing journey right through to successful completion.

I have worked across genres - from romance novels to essays on particle physics - but I specialise in science fiction, fantasy, dystopia, literary fiction and nonfiction. With an MA in Ancient History from King's College London, I am also an excellent editor for historical fiction and popular history based in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, Ancient Mesopotamia, etc.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!
Biographies & Memoirs History
Dystopian Fantasy Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Science Fiction Urban Fantasy
English (UK) English (US)
  • Introduction to Editorial Skills: Copyediting and Proofreading (PTC)
  • Rewriting and Substantive Editing (PTC)
  • Proofreading 1 (SfEP)

Work experience

Endeavour Media

Jun, 2017 — Jul, 2018 (about 1 year)

Commissioning books and overseeing the editorial journey from start to finish, providing authors with kind, honest, and in-depth feedback.


Jan, 2016 — Jun, 2017 (over 1 year)

Working on editorial and copywriting projects for clients including Time Out, Rebellion Publishing, Momentum Books and Periscope Books amongst many others.

Garnet Publishing (Ithaca Press and Periscope Books)

Jan, 2015 — Dec, 2015 (11 months)

Managed submissions and wrote reader reports, editing manuscripts and book in translation. Worked as secondary editor on 'Drinking and Driving in Chechnya' by Peter Gonda, and 'Kiraze' by Solmaz Kamuran, amongst others. Proofread Pulitzer Prize-winner and Man Booker-longlisted 'The Moor's Account' by Laila Lailami, and BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week 'Long Time No See' by Hannah Lowe amongst others.

Tenebris Books

Sep, 2014 — Jan, 2015 (4 months)

Managed short story submissions for a fantasy anthology, alongside copyediting and proofreading work for novellas.


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Jasmin has 27 reviews







Feb, 2021

When I set out looking for a new historical fiction editor, I knew I needed someone unique to give me an independent reading, someone with a traditional liberal arts education, well versed in classics and history, but also with a broader experience in creative writing technique. Working with Jasmin went beyond receiving her strong editorial assessment. By answering my long thread of questions ...
Read more
Eric M.

Eric M.

Dec, 2020

Jasmin is a genius. Hire her.
Jasmin K.
Thank you, Eric - hope to work together again!
Brian Y.

Brian Y.

Dec, 2020

Jasmin was considerate and helped me improve my manuscript. I appreciate her help.
Jasmin K.
Thanks for your review Brian - it was lovely working with you!
Diego T.

Diego T.

Nov, 2020

Jasmin was such a joy to work with! She responds quickly, gives wonderful feedback, and values your time. Jasmin's suggestions helped so much in shaping my book into a better story. If you have the privilege to work with her, take it!
Jasmin K.
Thank you so much for your kind review, Diego - it's been such a pleasure to edit your book, and I'm excited to work together in the future as well! Many thanks, Jasmin
Franka M.

Franka M.

Nov, 2020

I got a manuscript assessment on a fantasy novel from Jasmin, and it has been extremely helpful. Her comments are thorough, insightful and well-structured, and always leave you with a sense that the manuscript's shortcomings are fixable. There was a bit of a delay in delivery due to Covid chaos, but overall I can highly recommend working with Jasmin and am looking forward to doing so again for...
Read more
Jasmin K.
Dear Franka, Thank you so much for your very kind review - it was a total joy working on your manuscript with you, and I hope we get to work together again in the future. Very best of luck with you...
Read more

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