Georgia Louise Snelgrove

Georgia Louise Snelgrove - Translator

Olite, Spain

Translator from ENG-SPA and SPA-ENG. Specialized in Fantasy and Crime novels with over 15 books translated and 12 years experience.

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Born in London and raised in the south of Spain, I grew up learning and loving languages. I started writing at a young age and moved onto translation as a hobby in my early teens. Shortly after, I realized that there could be no other profession for me and I went on to study a BA Hons. in Linguistics, as well as a Diploma in Translation specializing in Literary Translation. Over the past 10 years, I have translated over 15 books including novels, biographies, essays, self-help, and comics. I specialize in fantasy in all of its sub-genres, as well as crime. One of the best projects I ever worked on was the translation of Marvel comics into Spanish, which I did for over a year.

I know how stressful writing and publishing can be for authors so, when it comes to the translation of their novels, my aim to make the process as smooth as possible for them. I like to work closely with all of the authors I collaborate with and give them piece of mind throughout the entire translation process. I aim for the highest standards in all of the works that I translate and I will never settle for less than that.

I look forward to working with you in the future!

Book Translation
Translation Assessment
English to Spanish
Spanish to English
Biographies & Memoirs
Magical Realism
Science Fiction
Thriller & Suspense


  • BA Linguistics
  • Diploma in Translation Specializing in Literature

Work experience

Freelance Translator

January, 2004 – Present (over 17 years)

Below is a list of some of the books I have translated in the past:

• Translation of "Innocent Eyes". A novel written by author Enrique Laso.
• Translation of “The Divine Particle.” A science fiction novel written by author Fernando Corbalán.
• Translation of "Superfoods". A self help manual written by author Henry Osal.
• Translation of "10 Steps Towards Success". A self help manual written by author Henry Osal.
• Translation of "Fallen Heroes: The Lives of Galileo, Michael Angelo and Gutenberg". A historical biography/novel written by author Borja Loma Barrie.
• Translation of "Three Strange Men: The Lives of Gandhi, Cervantes and Beethoven". A historical biography/novel written by author Borja Loma Barrie.
• Translation of "Hugo's Journey Between Two Worlds". A novel written by author Adolfo Rodriguez.
• Translation of “Magic Treasure Island, The Adventures of Ewan Scott". Spanish Novel written by author John Richard Hunt.
• Translation of "Human Winter". Fiction novel written by author Kiko Labiano.
• Translation of the first book of the trilogy "Travels to Eilean". Fiction Novels written by Spanish author Gemma Herrero Virto.
• Translation of "Living In Darkness". A novel written by Francisco Ruiz Esteban.
• Translation of “The Quantum Dimension: From Quantum Physics to Consciousness”. A book written by Teresa Versyp.
• Translation of the One Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib.

Portfolio (13 selected works)

The Road of Life

Franco, Lorena, Louise Snelgrove, Georgia

Three Strange Men: The Lives of Gandhi, Beethoven and Cervantes

Loma Barrie, Borja, Louise Snelgrove, Georgia

Innocent Eyes: A gripping crime fiction novel full of suspense

Laso, Enrique, Snelgrove, Georgia Louise

Fallen Heroes, The Lives of Galileo, Michael Angelo and Gutenberg

Loma Barrie, Borja, Louise Snelgrove, Georgia

10 Steps Towards Success

Osal, Henry, Louise Snelgrove, Georgia

The Encounter (The Travels to Eilean Saga Book 1)

Halley, Idaean, Snelgrove, Georgia

Ewan Scott Magic Treasure Island (Ewan Scott´s Adventures Book 1)

Hunt, John, Garcia, Ángel, Snelgrove, Georgia

Hugo´s journey between two worlds.

Rodríguez, Adolfo, Georgia Snelgrove

Super-food. Achieve a healthy diet for both body and mind.

Osal, Henry, Louise Snelgrove, Georgia

The Divine Particle

Corbalan Fernandez, Fernando

Georgia Louise has 2 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Andreu Murgadella
Georgia is a good professional, very capable when there is a need to adapt to wide vocabulary and specific translation needs.

Andreu Murgadella, April 2021

Easy person to work with, with a positive attitude and willingness to collaborate. It has been a pleasure working with her.

SANDRA ROMERO, October 2020

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