Francisco J. Ramos Mena

Francisco J. Ramos Mena – Translator

Professional translator specialized in non-fiction with more than 25 years' experience and well over 190 books translated.


Without books there would be no culture. Without culture there would be no wisdom. Without wisdom there would be no future. A mankind without books would be a mankind without a future.
I intend to do my bit to build that future by making books available to the almost 600 million Spanish speakers around the world. Would you like to join this exciting journey?
Biographies & Memoirs Economics History Life Sciences Nature Political Science & Current Affairs Psychology Sociology
English to Spanish

Work experience


Jan, 1995 — Present

Having worked for a number of publishing houses in Spain I have gained a long experience in many non-fiction areas ranging from history to politics, science or economics. Main publishers I usually work for include:

Alianza Editorial (Madrid)
Editorial Anagrama (Barcelona)
Editorial Ariel (Barcelona)
Libros del Asteroide (Barcelona)
Ediciones Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Blackie Books (Barcelona)
Capitán Swing Libros (Madrid)
Ediciones Paidós (Barcelona)
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial (Barcelona)
RBA Libros (Barcelona)


La retirada

Chomshy, Noam

En los senderos

Moor, Robert

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