Filipe Faria

Filipe Faria – Translator

Jack of all trades specialized in fantasy. 17 years experience with high-profile clients; difficult words to translate still make me giddy.


Translated books for one of the Big Three publishing houses in Portugal and graphic novels for all major comic book publishers (DC, Marvel, Image).

I am a stickler for detail and passionate about accurately transcreating whole worlds from one language to the other. Whether it's contemporary angst in Mamet speak within the confines of four walls or a fantasy universe brimming with archaic terms, I'll be happy to help share your creations in other markets.
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  • Branquinho da Fonseca Literary Award (2001)
  • Matilde Rosa Araújo Literary Award (2003)
  • Abitur
  • Taught the creative writing workshop "Práticas de Escrita" (2022) at the Lisbon School of Arts and Humanities

Work experience

Glossarium - Traduções e Serviços de Informática

Aug, 2015 — Present

Translating synopses and marketing content for a leading streaming service.


Jan, 2015 — Present

Editor, translator and proofreader of graphic novels.


Jan, 2013 — Present

Translating and proofreading comics.

Editorial Presença

Sep, 2005 — Present

Translating fiction and non-fiction books.