Eva Silverfine

Eva Silverfine – Editor

Twenty-five years of experience as a copy / line editor, primarily in science, for university, museum, and association presses.


Before directing my efforts toward editing, I earned an MS in ecology and spent several years in an entomology research lab. This nontraditional combination have earned me a niche primarily--but not exclusively--in the biological sciences and natural resource management. I now have 25 years of experience as a freelance copy editor of journals, monographs, and books for academic, professional, and general audiences. Although I love to read fiction, my strength as a copy editor is in nonfiction, where attention to detail and clarity of communication are requisite. I can work with texts with specialized vocabularies, tables and figures, and quantitative material. Regardless of the subject matter, I will work to ensure the text is comprehensible, consistent, and clean. I can work directly with authors or through publishers--providing both red-line edits and designer-ready copy.
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Jan, 1994 — Present

I am a copy editor with more than twenty-five years experience in editing journal and book manuscripts primarily in the biological sciences, with particular expertise in ecology, evolution, aquatic ecosystems, natural history, and natural resource management. I am comfortable editing manuscripts that are quantitative in nature and have edited journals, monographs, manuals, and books for academic, professional, and general audiences. My clients have included the Smithsonian Institution; University of Texas Press; Society of Freshwater Biologists; American Fisheries Society; American Museum of Natural History; Holt, Rinehart and Winston; Agency for International Development; Peace Corps; and individuals in academia.


Highlighting the enormous biodiversity of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve (ACR) and the critical role this protected area plays in the conservation of Madre de Dios, in southeastern Peru, Amarakaeri: Connecting Biodiversity offers readers a glimpse into the ex... read more
With more than 175,000 copies sold, Texas Wildflowers has established itself as the go-to guide for identifying the state’s roadside flowers. This new edition has been completely reorganized by flower colors (and within each color section, by flowering season)... read more
What causes an Israeli born in Romania to immigrate to America and end up with over three hundred patents in his name in the most exciting scientific and technological breakthroughs of the twentieth century? Join the adventures of physicist, inventor, and entr... read more
With loss of habitats throughout the world occurring at a staggering rate, it is critical to document what is being lost. This book strives to do that by focusing on longhorned woodboring beetles in Bolivia. Wholesale clearing of large tracts of land kills eve... read more
Only in Texas could a snowstorm pelt the Panhandle at the very moment abrasive dust is scouring the Permian Basin while searing heat is wilting the Winter Garden region in the south. The state's large size and central location within North America subject it t... read more
By the middle of the nineteenth century, industrialization and military-technological innovation were beginning to alter drastically the character and conditions of warfare as it had been conducted for centuries. Occurring in the midst of these far-reaching ch... read more
As a changing climate threatens the whole country with deeper droughts and more furious floods that put ever more people and property at risk, Texas has become a bellwether state for water debates. Will there be enough water for everyone? Is there the will to ... read more
The Indigenous Canela inhabit a vibrant multispecies community of nearly 3,000 people and over 300 types of cultivated and wild plants living together in Maranhão State in the Brazilian Cerrado (savannah), a biome threatened with deforestation and climate chan... read more
This volume is based on the NATO Advanced Study Institute, "Advances in Mor­ phometries" held in 11 Ciocco, Tuscany, Italy from July 18-30, 1993, and directed by Leslie F. Marcus. The "Advances in Morphometries" ASI was advertised in Nature and a number of pro... read more
Book by INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AND WORKSHOP ON, Schramm, Harold L., Jr., Piper, Robert G.
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The development and operation of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) have resulted in many rich legacies, most particularly in science and technology—but in culture as well. It is also the first telescope in space that has been utilized as effectively as if it we... read more
Summary Human demand on our natural resources continues to grow as aquatic and riparian ecosystems continue to decline. Virtually all watersheds have been modified or degraded by human development often resulting in loss of high-quality water, productive soil,... read more


Considering the most significant problems facing turtles and tortoises worldwide, Michael Klemens and eighteen international experts on turtle biology and conservation chart successes and failures of past conservation programs, discuss the use of genetics and ... read more
This long-awaited text is an excellent companion to AFS's Fisheries Techniques because it provides a frame of reference for appropriate sample design, analysis, and interpretation of freshwater fisheries data. The chapters are organized by fish and fisheries d... read more
Book by Hubert, Wayne and Quist, Michael
Fisheries Techniques

Donna L. Parrish, and Trent M. Sutton, Editors Alexander V. Zale

Book by Alexander V. Zale, Donna L. Parrish, and Trent M. Sutton, editors
American Bamboos

Emmett J. Judziewicz

Drawing on two decades of fieldwork in the United States and fifteen Latin American countries, the authors bring together current knowledge of the structure, ecology, human uses, conservation value, evolution, and diversity of the forty-one genera of American ... read more
The Mammals of Texas

David J. Schmidly

From reviews of previous editions:"This is the standard reference about Texas mammals." —Wildlife Activist"A must for anyone seriously interested in the wildlife of Texas." —Texas Outdoor Writers Association News"[This book] easily fills the role of both a fie... read more
Texas has a large and diverse turtle population, with forms that are found nowhere else (Cagle’s Map Turtle and the Texas Map Turtle) and wide-ranging species that barely touch the state, including the Painted Turtles and the Rough-footed Mud Turtle. From the ... read more

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Roy M.

Roy M.

Sep, 2019

Eva's review was timely, sensitive, and helpful.
Eva S.
Thank you! And best wishes as you proceed with your project. I enjoyed reading the piece you shared.

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