Bonnie Hearn Hill

Bonnie Hearn Hill – Editor

From memoir and self-help to crime, business, and women's fiction, I can help you find your vision and your voice. Outstanding references.


I'm an editor and ghostwriter who has worked on numerous books, including New York Times bestsellers. I love what I do and like to think that passion is reflected in the quality of my work.
Let's talk about your vision and how I can help you achieve your writing and publishing goals.

"You were a true pleasure to work with–always attentive to my concerns, diligent in your follow through, unflappable in the face of any deadline."

Peter Borland
Senior Editor
Atria Books/Simon & Schuster

"In my twenty years college administration and teaching, I have never come across any editor or writer who is more capable than Bonnie. She is an incredible instructor and a sensitive editor."
Professor John Brantingham
Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA
Action & Adventure Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs Self-Help & Self-Improvement True Crime Writing & Publishing
English (US)
  • First place, essay on writing, The Writer Magazine, 2019
  • First place, genre short story, Writer's Digest Magazine, 2019
  • Killer Nashville, first place, nonfiction (client book)
  • Recipient Harlequin Creator Fund, novel, 2019
  • UC Berkeley, Professional Sequence in Editing certificate (4.0 GPA)

Work experience

Advantage Media/Forbes Books

Nov, 2017 — Present

Have ghostwritten books on investments, wealth management, and written book outlines for books on health and entrepreneurs.


Apr, 2004 — Present

I've worked on true crime, fictional crime, and memoirs (with or without crime). I also love working with authors of prescriptive nonfiction on books that can change lives. My nonfiction book proposals have helped sell numerous books.


A California talk radio host turns amateur sleuth to solve her mother’s murder—and prevent her own—in this mystery series debut. When Kit Doyle’s near-perfect mother tells her about the letter she’s written and locked away—a letter to be read only “if anything... read more
Talk radio host Kit Doyle goes undercover as a teenaged runaway in this mystery series “that will attract Erin Hart enthusiasts” (Library Journal). Seventeen-year-old Jessica is missing. There are no clues as to why she disappeared—apart from the note she left... read more
Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid is the haunting story of a young girl, Tanya Kach, lost in the cracks of the system, forced to spend more than a decade as the prisoner of her middle school's security guard. From her troubled childhood, through her captivity at the... read more
Brian Cuban was living a lie. With a famous last name and a successful career as a lawyer, Brian was able to hide his clinical depression and alcohol and cocaine addictions—for a while. Today, as an inspirational speaker in long-term recovery, Brian looks back... read more
Starting her junior year, Logan McRae is excited about her internship at CRUSH magazine. But she is not so excited about her new boyfriend Jeremy's travel abroad in Ireland. Logan's in over her head trying to balance school, love, and friends, while trying to ... read more
Star Crossed: Taurus Eyes

Bonnie Hearn Hill

Having been accepted into the summer writing camp in Monterey, CA, Logan worked so hard for in Aries Rising, she is on her way to becoming a real published author! She needs to impress the camp’s instructor, Henry Jaffa, a renowned journalist, paranormal inves... read more
Aquarius Logan McRae is a high school sophomore in Terra Bella Beach, CA and has been working all semester to impress her teachers in order to get into the summer writing camp she desperately wants to attend. But when this ordinary girl finds an extraordinary ... read more
Gail. Hannah. Bridget. Lizzy. Flavia. Each of them has a shameful secret, and each is about to find out that she is not alone… Gail, a prominent Boston judge, keeps receiving letters from her husband's latest girlfriend, while her husband, a theology professor... read more
When Fred Fruehan's son Freddy is kidnapped at age fourteen, Fred puts his life on hold and vows to find him. Freddy escapes his captors but not the horror of those thirty-five days. Off The Grid is the story of Fred's attempts to save his son and to be the fa... read more
According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 8.4 million Americans alive today have suffered from or currently suffer from cancer. Newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones are in for a long battle—not only against the disease but against a he... read more
For the first time, the life and mind of Anders Behring Breivik, the most unexpected of mass murderers, is examined and set in the context of wider criminal psychology.*Winner of the 2016 Silver Falchion Award for Best Nonfiction Adult Book*July 22, 2011 was t... read more
The premier guide to combining verbal and nonverbal communication to gain confidence, establish credibility and make lasting impressions Yes—a small word, but the key to opening doors both professional and personal. The power of The Yes Factor gets you the job... read more
From protagonists and antagonists, to dialogue and conflict, DIGITAL INK is a powerful, succinct, and entertaining book that will dramatically improve any writer’s work.Suddenly it's a cinch to publish -- pop your manuscript up online via Amazon’s KDP, INScrib... read more
A California crime blogger left her radio job to find missing people. Now she’s searching for her best friend in this “harrowing [and] intense” mystery (Publishers Weekly). Farley Black, Kit’s friend and former radio co-host, is missing. He was supposed to be ... read more
River Below, The

Bonnie Hearn Hill

A tale of suppressed secrets, fractured families … and murderWhen a mangled car is pulled from the river, containing bloodstains and a gun, the sense of safety is shattered in Tessa's Californian hometown. Tessa, who works at the river conservancy, thinks she ... read more

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Terry H.

Terry H.

May, 2024

Bonnie has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She worked quickly and efficiently and provided incredibly solid feedback and guidance. Her industry knowledge and familiarity with narrative nonfiction was a huge plus for me. I feel so much better positioned and prepared for literary agent outreach now. I am so glad I got to work with Bonnie and would recommend her wholeheartedly.
Kristine C.

Kristine C.

Apr, 2024

Bonnie is an incredibly talented writer and communicator, a master of editing, and a generous teacher. I hired her as my editor, and she became my mentor and friend. My book describes emotionally charged experiences, and Bonnie handled the delicate topics with professionalism and compassion. She is honest, direct, kind, detail-oriented, and full of wit. Bonnie’s expertise and creative thinking ...
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Amy Lou G.

Amy Lou G.

Sep, 2023

I could not have found a better editor to help me with my first book. I love working with Bonnie. She is amazing and I am learning so much from her! She loves what she does and is passionate about every aspect of writing and helping others to succeed. She cares about the projects she takes on. She is a gifted author, editor, teacher, and mentor and her experience in the industry is priceless. S...
Read more
Jeanne K.

Jeanne K.

Dec, 2022

Bonnie doesn't stop her process of editing with simply a finished product. Each addition or correction is explained in order to make my next writing project better. She generously shares her hard-learned lessons in becoming a published author with me and I'm fortunate to have found this wonderful editor on Reedsy.
Linda V.

Linda V.

Sep, 2021

My initial conversation with Bonnie was more than I expected. She was very knowledgeable about all the questions that I was concerned about.

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