Eva Filoramo

Eva Filoramo - Translator

Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

Italian author and translator of popular science and math books and articles. I am a former physicist who loves playing with words.

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I am a published non-fiction author ("Alla scoperta della crittografia quantistica", Bollati Boringhieri 2006 - an introduction to quantum cryptography for the general public) and since 2007 I have been translating maths, science and philosophy books (EN+FR>IT) for Italian publishers (Einaudi, Dedalo, Codice Edizioni, among others) and for science and psychology magazines (Le Scienze and Mind).The complete list of books and articles is on my website.
I love science-related stuff, but I wouldn't call myself a geek, although I have a degree in theoretical physics.
I have worked for many years for science festivals and science exhibitions, both as developer and project manager, managing the Genoa Science Festival lectures programme from 2006 to 2011.

I am a freelancer since 2011, and I would never get back to a 9-to-5 job: I like working on my own and getting to choose - and be chosen by - my own clients.
I am passionate and very committed to my job and I consider myself lucky to work with words in different languages on a daily basis.

I can translate into Italian, fact-check and edit science books and scientific articles aimed at a non-technical audience, focusing on understandability, clarity, and terminology.

I can also assess a translation from Italian into English (which has to be provided by a native English speaker) taking into account many issues non-specialised translators are usually not aware of, such as a correct use of scientific terminology and lexicon, jargon avoidance, compliance with international conventions, etc.
Book Translation
Translation Assessment
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  • I am an aggregate member of AITI - Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti - n.216072. Since 2018 I am vice president of the PVdA Section.

Work experience

EN+FR>IT Translator

January, 2012 – Present (over 9 years)

Science writer and translator with a background in theoretical physics, fluent in English, French and Spanish.
Author of a book on quantum cryptography for the general public (in Italian); translator of many books and articles (from English and French into Italian) on topics related to physics, mathematics, psychology, sustainability and philosophy.
I also worked for many years as an event planner, developer and organiser; among other things, I have been the Genova Science Festival lectures panel manager from 2005 to 2011.

Portfolio (8 selected works)

The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease

Daniel Lieberman, Sean Runnette, Random House Audio

The Eerie Silence: Renewing Our Search for Alien Intelligence

Paul Davies, George K. Wilson, Tantor Audio

Get Smart: Maths

Julia Collins

Last Thoughts

Poincaré, Henri , Sfetcu, Nicolae

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Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Mary LaForge
Eva Filoramo is an excellent translator. Our working relationship was timely, efficient and effective. I highly recommend Eva Filoramo. I shall be pleased to work with Eva Filorama again.

Mary LaForge, June 2021

Eva Filoramo
Working for - and with - Mary was a real pleasure. I learned many things translating her book and if she ever writes another one I would be happy to translate it as well!

Reply from Eva Filoramo

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