Elisa Comito

Elisa Comito - Translator

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Book translator and agrarian expert, I can help make your works flower in Italy, whether you want to self-publish or look for a publisher.

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Thanks to a particular combination of studies and professional experience, I am competent both in literary translation and in the fields of agriculture and life-sciences. I like to translate different kinds of texts and I am used to combine creativity with scientific precision.

I am particularly proud of having translated in Italian the books of the English writer, documentary-maker and environmentalist Roger Deakin: “Waterlog: A Swimmer's Journey Through Britain”, “Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees” and “Notes From Walnut Tree Farm”.
In these books, which combine descriptions of nature, rural life, scientific information, travel adventures, poetry, history, humour and drama, I could space from one realm to another.

I love to read and translate original books, that defy rigid classifications of genres.
Thus another book I greatly appreciated translating is Gina Ochsner’s “The Russian Dream Book of Colour and Flight”, in which magic realism is braided with a myriad of cultural references and the author creates a Russia of her own!

Translation is the circulatory system of the world's literatures, as Susan Sontag said. When I translate,I like being transported in different countries and times, among different people, and to convey their experiences to Italian readers. I spare no effort for that.
Having multiple interests, I had some difficulty in choosing the genres for this platform, so please consider them as only indicative.

Besides literature, I cultivate agriculture and life-sciences in general. I am an agrarian expert and a member of the olive oil tasting panel at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome (yes, I also like good food!).
In non-fiction books, in my fields of expertise, besides translating I can help with the adaptation of the text to the Italian context.
Book Translation
Translation Assessment
English to Italian
Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits
Health & Wellbeing
Life Sciences
Contemporary Fiction
Magical Realism
Thriller & Suspense


  • Master degree in Foreign Languages and Literature obtained at the Sapienza University in Rome.
  • Diploma as Agrarian Expert, registered in the Professional Roll of Agrarian Experts in the province of Rome.

Work experience

Freelance literary and scientific translator

January, 2002 – Present (about 20 years)

Portfolio (11 selected works)

Book by Roger Deakin

Un anno a Walnut Tree

Roger. Deakin

Il fenicottero

Caitlin R. Kight

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