Emily Engwall

Emily Engwall – Marketer

I'm a Marketing and Publicity professional specializing in digital marketing and social media optimzation eager to help promote your book!


I am currently a Marketing and Publicity assistant at Sourcebooks in Naperville with 2 years of experience in publishing.

I am eager to help you spread the word about your book and ensure that it reaches the perfect audience! ​​Social media, newsletter, and website optimization are my specialities, and I have 10+ years of personal experience and 2 years professional experience in this space.

I especially love to work within the genres of mystery/thriller/horror, and romance!


Social Assets:

- Graphics + Copy: Copy for social media posts and optimized graphics to post on all social media sites.

- Graphics Set: optimized graphics set in the five typical sizes associated with social media. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Story, YouTube)

- Social Optimization: Review and consultation of your current social media sites with a detailed report about how you can optimize it to get better impressions and traction.

- Social Media Header Graphics: header and icon creation to promote your book on socials.

- Social Media Creation: I will create a social media account for you, including optimization, social header and icon, and detailed report with tips and tricks on how to reach your audience.

Digital Assets

- Digital Marketing Plan: general overview of the digital marketing process.

Weekly, monthly, and annual break-down leading up to release with things you should be working on/doing to market your book with examples and ideas on how to push your book to the next level.

- Email Pitching Guide: Detailed explanation on pitching to both media and influencers

Standard email pitch template you can use for your book or tailor to other books

- Press Release: written press release about your book you can use when pitching your book.

- Online Copy Optimization: consultation and optimization of online copy; can be online book description or author bio. Includes SEO optimization for online portals.

- Influencer list curation (paired with email pitch writing/consultation)

Email Marketing

- Email Newsletter Optimization: review and consultation of your current email newsletter, with a detailed report on how you can optimize it to get better open rates and click rates.

- Email Newsletter Starter Package: I will create a newsletter campaign for you on the platform of your choosing, create a template for your emails, and design a header and footer for your newsletter.

- Email Newsletter Graphics: I will design an email newsletter header for you to use in your newsletters.

- Newsletter Content Graphics: I will design click-able content for your newsletters to promote clicks and promote your book.


- Send out pitches, emails or FOR authors (i.e. a personal publicist or marketer-for-hire) – I help write/optimize your pitches and targeted lists and email marketing programs, and empower YOU to do the outreach yourself (and build the skills to do it for years to come)


- You must have a completed book(s) already published or to be published soon before engaging my services

Contemporary Romance Cozy Mysteries Horror Psychological Thriller
  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications
  • Bachelor's Degree in English (focus in Publishing)

Work experience

Sourcebooks Inc.

Mar, 2022 — Present

Heading complete marketing and publicity campaigns for over 3 books publishing every month. Responsibilities include: social media management (creation and optimization), e-newsletter campaigns, media pitching, influencer and blogger outreach, graphic design, and more!

Raven Tale Publishing

Jun, 2021 — Feb, 2022 (8 months)

Created targeted media and influencer lists for pitching and roundups. I also managed and grew all social media accounts and platforms by developing posting schedules and engaging content for all platforms. I worked on the social media accounts for multiple imprints including those focusing on horror, thrillers, and romance.


Whisper Room by Thomas Kies Marketing and Review Campaign

The Whisper Room campaign saw great success from heavy pitching and social media exposure to curated lists of mystery and thriller influencers and media professionals. The impact of the campaign can be seen in the multiple trade reviews received as well as landing an Amazon Editors' pick for Best Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense.

Girl with the Dragonfruit Tattoo by Carrie Doyle Cover Reveal Digital Marketing Campaign

Successfully ran and launched a cover reveal marketing campaign for The Girl with the Dragonfruit Tattoo that included outreach to over 200 cozy mystery influencers with a reach of 900,000. An increase in advanced reader requests was seen as a direct result as the number in early readers grew from 126 to 338 on the day of the reveal.

The Girl They All Forgot by Martin Edwards (Mystery)

Ran a full marketing and publicity campaign complete with social media outreach, media hits, and Amazon page A+ content optimization. This title became an Amazon Editors' pick had a featured book review on Criminal Element.

No Parm No Foul by Linda Reilly (Cozy Mystery)

Successfully ran a marketing and publicity campaign for No Parm No Foul that led to multiple media hits from outlets such as Woman's World Magazine, CriminalElement, and praise from trade reviewers from Kirkus Reviews

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Lizbet C.

Lizbet C.

Nov, 2023

I hired her for a short project and found her speed in responding and attention to detail quite helpful. I would absolutely work with her in another task.
Heather L.

Heather L.

Feb, 2023

I really enjoyed working with Emily! I had been really intimidated by the thought of marketing my book, and Emily put together some very practical, easy-to-follow guides for how to think about social media, email pitching, and even just general marketing planning. I appreciate how she gave me the tools to do the work myself, and I appreciated even more how responsive she was to any questions. T...
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