Ricardo Fayet

Ricardo Fayet – Marketer

Reedsy co-founder by day. By night: book marketing consultant specializing in promoting commercial fiction series through Fb/BB/Amazon ads.


I'm one of the founders of Reedsy, which occupies a good 90% of my time. The remaining 10% I like to dedicate to personally helping authors with marketing, and in particular:
- Facebook advertising (both for lead generation or sales)
- Amazon advertising (either through the Amazon ads dashboard or through Amazon Advantage)

I've worked on several projects (see below) for friends, which have led me to start writing a book on Facebook advertising for authors. Unfortunately, I spend way too much time procrastinating about it by testing new things for my author friends than by actually writing the damn book…

I'm going to be Out of Office on Reedsy 99% of the time, and only activate my profile when I know a specific author wants to reach out to me for advertising services.

Business & Management
Contemporary Romance Cozy Mysteries Epic Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG Military Science Fiction Space Opera Young Adult Fantasy

Work experience


Jan, 2014 — Present


HumanKind - Marketing Plan & Advertising

I drafted a marketing plan to help author Brad Aronson launch his book HumanKind. I offered ongoing advice/consultancy to help him execute the plan and ran both Amazon and Facebook ads for him.
The book became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in several categories right after launch, when we ran a $0.99 price promotion.
Once the book had 50+ reviews, I recommended submitting to BookBub for a Featured Deal. After an initial decline, the book was then accepted for a US Featured Deal. We planned a big promo around it, which helped the book rise to the top 50 books on *all of Amazon*.

Kan Savasci Cycle - Price Promotion

Helped the author put together a price promotion to boost the first three books in his epic fantasy series, and ran Facebook and BookBub ads for him during the promo.
The Facebook ads had an average CPC of €0.08, and book 1 — Tears of a Heart — made it to the top #5 of several of its categories.

A Spacetime Tale: Launch plan and execution

Helped first-time author J. Benjamin launch his very first space opera. Designed a marketing plan and helped him execute it: ran Facebook, Bookbub and Amazon ads on top of organizing a 99c price promotion.

- Helped him build a mailing list of 2k+ people in 2 months;
- Launched A Spaectime Tale to the top 5 space opera bestsellers, and top 50 science fiction bestsellers of all time;
- Over 2,000 sales and borrows during launch month.

Culture Decks Decoded - Amazon Advertising

Started advertising Bretton Putter's paperback, Culture Decks Decoded, both on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk through an Amazon Advantage account.
We rapidly achieved a strong number of sales with an ACoS of 20% on average.

Stella Reynolds: Facebook advertising

Ran single image, carousel and canvas (collection ads) to promote a $0.99 discount on book 1.
- Cost per unique outbound click: $0.31
- ROI on sales (counting read-through): +400%

Moonshine & Magic: Facebook advertising

Tested carousel and canvas (collection) ads to promote this paranormal cozy mystery series. The goal was to both drive sales to Book 1 and signups through the author's lead magnet. Results:
- Cost per unique outbound click: $0.15
- Signups to newsletter: 150
- ROI on sales (counting read-through & KU): +50%



Claire B.

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Joanna P.

Joanna P.

Oct, 2022

Ricardo has done a great job with my Amazon Ads for my non-fiction books. He set things up based on my goals, tweaked and monitored them each month, and renewed ads, built new carousels and more as needed. I sent over my data each month and he analyzed efficacy of the ads. I'm really happy with the work and look forward to working with Ricardo again.
Jami A.

Jami A.

Sep, 2022

I enjoyed working Ricardo.
Stephanie R.

Stephanie R.

Jun, 2022

Ricardo gave me the knowledge and experience I was lacking. I was able to take shortcuts thanks to him. I have learned a lot. Thank you very much.
Alex T.

Alex T.

Feb, 2022

Ricardo is an absolute professional who can make your marketing dreams come true!
Giovanni D.

Giovanni D.

Nov, 2021

Ricardo is everything one would expect from an Amazon ads professional. I highly recommend his services.