Liz Poder

Liz Poder – Marketer

I specialize in coaching authors how to self-publish and market their own books. My joy is in empowering you to take control of your books!


Are you looking to become a full-time author?

One of the best ways to do this is to learn the step-by-step process to publishing and selling your books.

1. Because it saves you time and stress by getting you organized and keeping you on track.


2. It saves you money by avoiding scams and the current trends that are just a complete waste.

Plus, I imagine there might be some things you heard that you "absolutely have to do" as an author and you just groan over because the little introvert in you has no interest in doing them (i.e. social media self-peddling, blogging, etc.).

With that comes the foggy mess of the absolutely overwhelming amount of information about self-publishing. What you need is a clear way through that is easy to both DO and REPLICATE time and time again.

That's where I can best help you.

I used to think that being a reliable marketer for your book was the greatest gift I could give. Now, I know that teaching you everything you didn't know you needed to know and giving you a dependable roadmap will empower you to make this passion into a fulltime gig.

It's also scientifically proven that working with a coach will increase your chances of completing your goals from ~10% to 95%!

My focus in coaching is to make sure that you can:

💸 keep to your budget

💪🏽 invest your money where it actually matters

✔️ easily know WHO to hire and for WHICH TASK when you need to lighten your load

🤔 make effective decisions in situations that used to paralyze you

📝 give you a repeatable, reliable process that keeps both your productivity and success high, and your stress low

🕙 keep as much of your precious time free so you can focus on your true passion—writing more books 📚!

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the mucky, gray landscape of book marketing, you are at high risk of making emotional decisions that end up costing you.

But with clarity will come the confidence to set you up for a steady climb to the successful writing career you always dreamed of ☁️🌈🏆.

Whether you're just setting up to release your first book or need help with a stagnant book you've already published, you will benefit from learning the ropes.

If everything aligns, you'll get an invite to a free 30-minute discovery call where we'll figure out whether coaching is right for your book and will get you where you want to be.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

PLEASE NOTE: Right now, the coaching programs I offer are not the right fit for books that fall in the following genres— erotica, children's books, and satire.

Christian Fiction Cozy Mysteries Horror Romance Science Fiction
Inspirational Writing & Publishing

Work experience


Apr, 2021 — Mar, 2024 (almost 3 years)

Book blurb writer for self-published authors, and provide blurb-writing workshops to driven authors looking to create a book empire. Collaborate with book marketing coaches to provide seamless blurb services.

Weekend Publisher

Jun, 2018 — Present

Self-publishing coach helping authors to prepare, organize, strategize, and launch their books the right way to give them the best chance to succeed.


A stalled horror series that finally took off

This author came to me days away from giving up on writing altogether. He had released two books in a series as a passion project. But when he'd had no new readers in months, he assumed that people just didn't resonate with his books.

Turns out, all he really needed was to advertise! After all, people won't read your book if they don't know it's out there to buy.

Within 3 months, we increased his sales by 312%, making huge jumps in readers each month.
Currently, this author sells 9-10 copies of his books per day.

Christian Adventure Thriller In need of Help

My team helped this author duo to repackage their debut book.
Their goal was to spread their message to more people, but they struggled to get any liftoff with their novel.

With a revamped book blurb, a professional new cover, appropriate keywords and categories, and a solid ad campaign, they made 41X more sales in the first month of relaunch than they did in the entire 5 months since they first published their book. This amounted to about 800 new readers in just 1 month.

Other results:
• They ranked as a bestseller in the new category that was hand-picked for them.
• Received the 2022 Firebird Book Award Winner for Action/Adventure after applying for book awards.
• Have amassed 11 times more reviews (and climbing).
• Increased their RTR (Book 1 to Book 2) by 7 fold.
• Are finally able to connect with their readers thanks to our email marketing campaign.
• Have 12 times more people buying their book (from 1.5% conversion before, to 12% after) using a combined ad effort via Fb and Amazon ads.

Quick sales turnaround for a stagnant series.

I provided blurb consult with my marketing team for a well-established author whose sales had abruptly become stagnant.

After tweaking the copy and finding the right blurb formula to make his books stand out, the author is now enjoying reinvigorated sales, and ranking in the top 5% of the Amazon Best Sellers list for this book.

Other amazing results:
• Applying my formula, the author's team improved his blurbs for the entire Lee Harden series. All of his books have hit amazon bestseller status.
• More people are reading his books, with most books receiving 1,500+ reviews collectively over all formats (4.7 stars or higher).

With 8 books in this series alone on the ABSR list, this author is able to live completely off the profits of his book.

2 x more engagement with reworked blurbs

Worked with client to optimize his blurbs for four books in a series. When tested, the author received 2x more engagement from prospective readers.
Because he targeted the right audience with his blurb and categories, he maintained a healthy star rating (4.3 or above). He also has an RTR of 62% (from book 1 to 2) with the later books in the series getting even more reviews than the debut novel.

This author has further amplified his Amazon presence with a stunning, professional author/book page showcasing A+ content, which includes custom projects we worked on together.


Stones of Temple David

Dziewinski, Jacek

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Adria S.

Adria S.

May, 2024

I had the pleasure of working with Liz and found the experience to be fantastic. Her warm and friendly way of being, attention to detail, professionalism, and valuable advice greatly helped me as I took my first steps toward becoming an author. I would love to work with her again in the future.
Serrada C.

Serrada C.

May, 2024

We have found working with Liz to be extremely helpful, beyond our wildest dreams. At first we thought it was a big expense, especially for new writers on a tight budget and with our working and limited time, we thought it would be difficult to arrange and make things work out. I am so happy we found the money and has been worth it twice over, if we are not successful it will certainly not be...
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Tiffany R.

Tiffany R.

Apr, 2024

Liz has been great to work with! She was very informative and explained things thoroughly. She has shown me several different avenues in ways to help my book grow on its platform that I didn’t even realize existed!
Charles S.

Charles S.

Mar, 2024

Liz is always a pleasure to work with, she takes pride in her work and enjoys working through the publication and marketing process. I couldn't do it without her.
Bradford C.

Bradford C.

Mar, 2024

Working with Liz was a joy! She was professional and insightful. For years, I was struggling with finding the proper ways to find methods to increase sales. Liz not only walked me through the steps, but gave me effective ways for me to raise my sales. I would absolutely work with Liz again. Her sessions were immensely helpful. I now have a clearer path to which I can use for my future novels d...
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Liz P.
Hi Bradford — Thank you for your thoughtful review. I enjoyed our session as well and it was a true pleasure being able to witness your aha moments. Reminds me of how it felt when I first started. ...
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