Elayne Becker

Elayne Becker – Editor

Fantasy author and former associate editor with Macmillan Publishers offering editorial services across multiple genres of fiction.


As an author and former “Big Five” editor, I have always been passionate about the written word. Few things feed my soul as much as diving into a manuscript and working with writers to hone and strengthen their craft, so that the final product on the page reflects the vision in their heads. I worked as an Associate Editor at Macmillan for several years, and I’m an author whose work is represented by ICM Partners and published by Tor Teen. Thanks to these experiences, I have garnered extensive industry knowledge and editorial expertise that enables me to work with books across multiple genres of fiction.

I offer freelance editorial services for the manuscript revision and submission preparation stages. Though I work across genres in young adult, middle grade, and adult fiction, I specialize in speculative fiction. In particular, I am drawn to stories that center on character development and growth, perseverance in the face of adversity, the natural world, and turning points in human history.

Services offered:

Conceptual edit: I provide an editorial letter, on average 5-7 pages in length, with feedback to help strengthen your manuscript as a whole. Categories I examine commonly include plot, pacing, characterization, worldbuilding, romance, and magic systems when applicable. Includes one pass.

Line edit: I provide feedback on the individual line level with regard to: pointing out and clearing up any points of confusion or inconsistency; strengthening dialogue; tightening; characterization; grammar; and rhythm/prose. Includes one pass.

Query: I provide feedback on the conceptual and in-line levels to help you hone your query letter. Includes two passes.

Synopsis: I provide feedback on the conceptual and in-line levels to help you hone your synopsis. Includes two passes.


“Elayne is an editing whiz at every level and super knowledgeable about the publishing industry, which was truly evident from her astute and pointed feedback. Her guidance not only set me on a path to write a much stronger manuscript, but also made me aware of my overall blindspots and helped me grow as a writer. 12/10 highly recommended!"

—Carli J. Corson, author of It’s a Love/Skate Relationship

“Elayne’s ability to crawl inside a story and pull all the threads together is astounding. Her skill, her instinct, and her innate talent are obvious. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor.”

—Jillian Boehme, author of Stormrise

“I can’t recommend Elayne enough! Her creative eye is unmatched, her notes always thought-provoking and transformative. She’s one of the best I’ve ever worked with!!”

—Erika Lewis, author of Game of Shadows, Kelcie Murphy & The Academy for Unbreakable Arts, Firebrand, and Acursian

“I am extraordinarily grateful for Elayne’s guidance on my manuscripts. She caught sight of my vision, the heart behind the words, and worked with me to refine, sharpen, and distill each element so that I might best tell the story I longed to tell. Her insight is precise and keenly perceptive. I cannot recommend her enough!”

—Joanna Hathaway, author of Dark of the West

Fantasy Magical Realism Middle Grade Science Fiction Young Adult
English (US)
  • BA Classics
  • MSc Professional Communication

Work experience

Tor Teen, Macmillan Publishers

Aug, 2021 — Present

I am the author of Forestborn (Aug. 2021) and Wildbound (Aug. 2022), both young adult crossover fantasy novels published by Tor Teen.

Tor Books, Macmillan Publishers

Jul, 2014 — Aug, 2019 (about 5 years)

I joined Tor Books as an editorial assistant in July 2014 and left as an associate editor in August 2019. During my time there, my role included the following:

-Oversee the publication process for 30-40 books per year, from acquisition to publication, collaborating with Production, Marketing, Publicity, Art, Contracts, and Sales departments and serving as the primary point of contact between authors/agents and the publishing house; simultaneously juggle to-do’s for books whose publication dates range from two weeks from present to two years from present, both for my own list and that of an executive editor
- Craft editorial letters and provide editorial feedback on both the conceptual and in-line level for middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction; evaluate submissions and negotiate novel acquisitions
- Create preliminary marketing strategies for all titles on my list; spearhead marketing group dedicated to positioning and promoting a celebrity-written novel; actively participate in a cross-functional marketing team dedicated to identifying micro-markets for our thrillers and developing strategies to increase an author's visibility, readership, and sales
- Generate positioning materials, including but not limited to: writing pitch points for more than one hundred titles across genres and delivering oral presentations to the sales team; crafting story copy for books across genres and tailoring each version to specific platforms/audiences such as company catalogs, metadata, and book jackets; creating profitability and loss statements for potential acquisitions; generating cover concepts

Elayne has 5 reviews





Peter S.

Peter S.

Apr, 2024

Elayne was responsive, insightful, and professional in her feedback of my submission package.
C. R.

C. R.

Sep, 2022

Elayne was a real pro who brought a thoughtful and thorough approach to the project. Highly recommend.
Ceri D.

Ceri D.

May, 2022

Working with Elayne was a fantastic experience. She is very professional and her comments and constructive advice was incredibly valuable. I feel more confident about the querying process thanks to her!
yivgeni M.

yivgeni M.

Jan, 2022

This was a great experience - I received quite a lot of great advice and Elayne was available for questions and clarifications later on.
Cheryl A.

Cheryl A.

Jan, 2022

Elayne's critique provided exactly the type of feedback I needed to improve my manuscript. Every comment was spot on and gave me clear direction for my revisions. Much appreciated!

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