Edwin Miles

Edwin Miles – Translator

Deine Geschichte, meine Sprache! Literary, fantasy, historical fiction, German-English. I bring your words to life for the English market.


I'm Ed and I've been writing professionally for most of my adult life.

For me, translation is all about the story, far less about one-to-one word correspondence. What good is an English sentence if it sounds like it was written by someone with a tin ear? Rhythm and mood matter at least as much as the actual words. I'll work closely with you to bring your story to an English-speaking audience!

My translation foot-in-the-door was a dream job: in 1999 my wife and I tag-teamed on the script of "Good Bye Lenin!" for Miramax, the film that introduced Daniel Brühl to the world. Since then, I've worked mainly in the film-&-TV and literary fields. Here in Germany, I spent many years translating alongside teaching English, but in 2013 I took the gamble and began translating full-time.

In recent years, I’ve completed more than a dozen novels for AmazonCrossing, with total sales well in excess of half a million books as of 2022. My focus has been on fantasy novels (read Bernhard Hennen's splendid "The Elven") and historical fiction (starting with Petra Durst-Benning's marvelous "Century Trilogy"). I continue to work in the film and TV sector: screenplays, pitches, dialogue books, treatments, you name it, especially for action concept

2020-24 (so far) I've translated ten books in the Tom Wagner series by Austrian author duo Roberts & Maclay, and recently completed "The Lion of Ishtar" for Guido Schenk, set in ancient Iraq, and Kelly Cait's "Das Nasse Kätzchen," currently awaiting publication.

Major commissions have also come from Piper Verlag and Zeitsprung Entertainment, and I've completed countless assignments for private, commercial and industrial clients.

A bit of background: Perth in Western Australia is my hometown, but I've lived, studied and worked for extended periods in Australia, Japan and the United States before moving to Cologne, Germany in 2000. I earned my MFA at the University of Oregon (go Ducks!) in 1995, where I majored in fiction writing. At U of O I also worked as an editor on "Northwest Review" literary magazine, and on my return to Oz in 1996 I made the top-3 shortlist for the prestigious Australian/Vogel Literary Award for Young Writers.

Deine Geschichte, meine Sprache! Let me bring your words to life in English.

Biographies & Memoirs
Fantasy Historical Fiction Literary Fiction
German to English
  • Australian/Vogel's Literary Award, shortlist 1996
  • Master of Fine Arts (Fiction Writing), University of Oregon, 1995
  • BA (Hons) Communication and Cultural Studies, Curtin University of Technology, 1992

Work experience


Feb, 2013 — Present

For Amazon, I've translated more than a dozen novels. 'My' main authors are Bernhard Hennen (high fantasy, world building on a par with LOTR), and Petra Durst-Benning and Annis Bell, both of whom write historical fiction with female protagonists.

Skills 4 Business

Jun, 2003 — Jun, 2019 (about 16 years)

Professional English skills consultant for global companies (Bayer, Lanxess, Ford, Mazda): presentations coaching, BEC exam prep; one-to-one experience at senior management level in Bayer AG and Bayer sub-group companies.

action concept

Mar, 2002 — Present

Action concept have been making action films and series in Germany for decades, and I've been translating scripts, dialogue books, pitches, treatments and various other documents for them since shortly after my arrival in Germany in 2000.


Oct, 1999 — Present

I've worked with numerous companies and individuals over the years, translating and also proofreading in business, engineering and commercial fields, as well as in the film-and-TV industries. Key and ongoing clients over the last 19 years include Schukat Electronic, Bayer, Nickelodeon, Peter Clausen Film and Television, Zeitsprung, Skills 4 Business, Grundy UFA, Die PR Berater, Jochen Breitenstein, Lanxess AG, Translation Engineering, Piper Verlag and Luther Rechtsanwaltgesellschaft mBH.


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Guido S.

Guido S.

Aug, 2023

Ed has been an amazing collaborator. He went above and beyond by thoroughly getting to know the narrative, doing his own research on the setting and providing invaluable suggestions. I would now consider the english translation provided by Ed to be almost stronger as my original. Calling it simply "translation" would not do justice to his work. Working with Ed, I rather felt like I was collabor...
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Edwin M.
Hi Guido, and thank you for the glowing review! It was a pleasure working with you on this book. The Mesopotamian setting and story was new and fascinating for me, too. I was recently in Berlin and...
Read more

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