Lori DeBoer

Lori DeBoer – Ghostwriter

If you have a book in you, I can help. I am a ghostwriter and developmental editor well versed in both fiction and nonfiction.


Thank you for considering me to help you with your writing project. I enjoy collaboration and have a pragmatic and organized approach that is based on more than 30 years as an award-winning writer and editor.

I am particularly adept at finding the heart of any given story and skilled at making complex subjects interesting and understandable. I've won awards for both my fiction and nonfiction and can change up my writing to suit any style and genre, from hard-nosed journalism to urban fantasy.

My clients say I am warm and reliable (I grew up on a farm in Iowa) and make projects enjoyable. I have an understanding of how to keep everyone on a project motivated, based on my informal studies in coaching and management. My creativity is balanced by my sharp entrepreneurial skills: I have a background in marketing and have run my own business for more than two decades. Most recently, I helped my husband launch a highly successful food truck and catering business.

You'll want to know that I've ghostwritten, coached, coaxed and edited more than 30 nonfiction and fiction books into existence, as well as helped clients launch their own freelancing careers as magazine writers. I’ve been a developmental editor and writing coach for numerous thought leaders, executives and subject-matter experts. I have a teaching approach, so the clients who want to learn to fly solo are empowered to do so. If you just want me to do the work without teaching you how to do it, that's good, too.

Most of my work with clients is confidential and cannot be disclosed but I am free to say that my clients have been published in The New York Times, Glamour, Elle, National Geographic, Salon and more. Their books have been published by Candlewick, Greenleaf, Yotzeret, Melange, WiDo and others. (You can see a few of the books I've worked on by scrolling to the portfolio section; please note that only a few of them were ghosted, the rest I worked on as a developmental editor/book doctor/writing coach.) My clients have won many awards, including a finalist slot for the Flannery O’Connor Award, a CIPA EVVY Award, a Glyph Award and a Pushcart Prize nomination.

I honed my interviewing and writing skills as a journalist, having written more than a thousand articles for publications that include The New York Times, Arizona Highways, Working Woman, America West Airlines Magazine, Black Enterprise, PHOENIX Magazine, ITS World, Arizona Business Magazine, The Business Journal-Phoenix and Arizona Attorney. I've been the editor for Boulder Magazine and a contributing editor for America West Airlines Magazine.

I’ve also worked in public relations at several colleges and a scientific institute, where I helped translate the work of academicians and researchers into accessible stories. My book projects, on topics like energy usage for utilities, climate change, evolution and computer science, have deepened my ability to break complex topics into understandable components, while engaging an audience in a lively, interesting style. I still do some content marketing work for select corporations and nonprofits.

I have an MA in United States history and my nonfiction writing niches include business, healthcare, technology, spirituality, architecture, art. education and agricultural, radio and women's history. I've written on AI, cannabis, liquid crystals, smart cars, smart homes, smart highways, forest fire preparedness, restaurant trends, consumer electronics, laparoscopic surgery, natural supplements, sound healing, genetics, air conditioning, architecture, historical sites, urban planning, tax increment financing and much more.

While I have special training in nonfiction research and writing, I also draw on my experience as a fiction writer to write lively prose and recreate each client’s unique voice and personality. I have an MFA in creative writing and have written literary fiction, short stories, young adult fiction, middle grade fiction, chapter books, romance, thrillers, science fiction and urban fantasy.


If you'd like me to bid on your project, please email me through Reedsy to set up a time to talk so I can learn more about the scope of work involved and see if we'd be a good fit. Please also look at my rates (below) to see if you can afford ghostwriting or if you'd rather work with me as your developmental editor and writing coach. I've also ghostwritten parts of client books, so you are able to pull me in if you are having problems with a section, need something revised or would like me to develop a benchmark chapter for you to emulate.


My rates are competitive but reflect the market for someone with my expertise and experience. Depending on the genre, scope of work, deadline and other factors, I charge between $15,000 and $60,000 to ghostwrite a book. A book proposal, chapter-by-chapter synopsis and two sample chapters can range between $4,000 and $10,000. For ghostwritten articles, blog posts and other material, I charge $85 an hour or can quote you a flat rate per piece. If you do not have the budget to have someone ghostwrite your book, I can also offer you highly collaborative coaching and developmental editing services.


Because each client's project is unique, I tailor my approach to suit those individual needs. Generally, my process includes understanding the client's personal or professional goals and learning how the writing project or book fits that vision. I also find it important to get a grasp on similar books or pieces of writing the client admires or seeks to emulate.

At that point, depending on how much material is already available to work with, I may conduct a series of deep interviews, review client writing or notes and conduct any necessary research. I then organize and write an outline for review and will also likely write some sample chapters or scenes and a chapter-by-chapter synopsis. After we ascertain if I am on the right track, I write a rough draft and seek client feedback and then revise accordingly.

When I am collaboratively writing, I may write only parts of a book and do developmental editing on the client-written passages to ensure consistency and a professional standard. Sometimes my clients and I work together on the writing; I've written whole books sitting side-by-side with a client.

My hands-on approach helps clients who want to learn how to write do so, quickly and efficiently. I also offer lots of resources to the client who wants to learn more about writing and publishing or is on a budget and simply needs occasional guidance and support. I work with clients both in person and remotely over the phone or Skype.


Nonfiction--Memoir, Education, Writing, Art, Architecture, Business, History, Food, Travel and Adventure, Health and Wellness, Spiritual, Science, Environmental and Self-Help.

Fiction--Young Adult, Middle Grade, Literary and Short Stories, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Thriller, Historical and Romance.

If you are interested in seeing if we'd be a good fit, please drop me a line and we can set up a time to chat. I look forward to talking with you.

Warm regards,



"Lori DeBoer is a superb writer with a stellar command of language at once literary and accessible to a wide audience. I have known Lori and her work for many years, and admire her editorial and teaching expertise. She has an uncommon degree of energy and enthusiasm that she puts to excellent use as a leader in the Colorado literary community. I especially appreciate her professionalism, sensitivity, and ability to work with others as writers and colleagues." -Gail Storey, award-winning author

"Lori DeBoer, my writing coach, helped me polish and fine-tune my manuscript. She coaxed and cajoled personal stories out of my head and onto the page and reminded me that my voice needed to enliven the rich and sometimes dense subject matter in this book." -- Thomas H. Stoner, Jr., Small Change, Big Gains: Reflections of an Energy Entrepreneur

“I came to Lori to strengthen my manuscript’s story line and narrative arc, tighten its conflict, and improve character development. As a professional development editor, Lori was incredibly supportive of my work, but most importantly gave me specific and constructive criticism to improve my book. Her hands on approach gave me both the knowledge and the skills to be able to improve my writing. Not only does Lori know writing, she also knows the writing business. It was a pleasure working with Lori and I highly recommend her. She is both professional and a great person. Every dollar I spent was worth it.” - Jessica Fishman, Chutzpah and High Heels: The Search for Love and Identity in the Holy Land

"Lori showed me how to take my sketchy first draft of a manuscript and transform it with the color of scene setting and character details that made it much more readable, polished, and most importantly published! She is incredibly talented, hard working and a joy to work with. She's much more than an editor; a real coach that every writer should have in their corner." - Kerry Parry, Conversations with the Faithful: A Spiritual Journey
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Education & Reference History Technology
Contemporary Fiction Young Adult
English (US)
  • Shortlisted, Bellevue Literary Prize
  • Finalist, Glimmer Train Fiction Open
  • First Place, Business Writing, APW
  • Best Master's Thesis, History, UNL
  • Regional Winner, Phi Alpha Theta
  • McPhee Fellowship, UNL
  • Flatlands Writing Award, DM Register
  • Award of Accomplishment (Editing), CASE
  • MFA in Creative Writing
  • MA in United States History
  • BA in Mass Communications
  • Teacher Certification, Maricopa Community College District, Phoenix, AZ, 2003

Work experience


Aug, 2000 — Present

I work with writers in all genres, from articles to books, to meet their personal and professional goals. My approach is tailored to meet each client's needs and my services include: brainstorming, planning and acting as a sounding board, editorial assessment, skill training, project management, developmental editing, collaborative writing, coaching through obstacles, help with setting and meeting goals, writing book proposals and query letters, marketing, website development and ghostwriting.

I draw on my work as a journalist and marketing and am interested in and knowledgeable about many fields. I advanced my skills and training by earning an MA in United States History and an MFA in Creative Writing. I also interned at Paradigm Publishers in Boulder, Colorado.

(Please note that some of my projects are confidential)

Chutzpah in High Heels: The Search for Love and Identity in the Holy Land by Jessica Fishman, Yotzeret
Publishing. 2017.

Conversations with the Faithful by Kerry Parry, WiDo Publishing. 2017.

Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco by Judith Robbins Rose, Candlewick Press. 2015. ABC Best Book for
Young Readers and 2015 INK Award for Best MG/YA Novel.

Small Change, Big Gains: Reflections of an Energy Entrepreneur by Thomas H. Stoner, Jr., Greenleaf Publishing.

Redemption by n.f. steiner, ANV Partners. 2015.

Accidental Child by Karen Douglass, KDV Books. 2015.

Silent Witness by Kim Lajevardi, First Place 2015 Zebulon Award for Mainstream/Literary Fiction.

The Wildcat by Gary Alan McBride, Second Place 2015 Zebulon Award for Thriller.

The Kamen District by Kelly Welsh, Third Place 2015 Zebulon Award for Fantasy.

Burn by Judith Robbins Rose, Third Place 2014 Zebulon Award for Young Adult Fiction.

Never Tell a Lie Twice by Kathleen Pinckard, Finalist 2014 Colorado Gold Contest.

“Pink Chrysanthemum” by Gretchen Clark, 94Creations. 2014. Pushcart Prize Nominee.

Seasons of Love and War by Brenda Ashworth Barry, Melange Publishing. 2014.

“Path of the Patriarch” by Jayme Moye, The Clymb, September 2013. Winner of the Bronze Prize, North American Travel Journalists Association.

The Long Shadows by Andrew Erlich, Multicultural Publications. 2012.

Broken Collar by Ronald G. Mitchell, Bottom Dog Press. 2012.

Love is the New Currency: Creating a New Measure of Wealth by Linda Commito, CorEssence Publishing. 2011. Winner of a CIPA EVVY Award for Spiritual Writing.

The West in You by Carol Test. Finalist for the 2010 Flannery O’ Connor Award for Short Fiction.

Behind the Mic: 30 Years in Radio by Dave Pratt, Five Star Publications. 2009. Winner of The Glyph Award.

Teaching Chemistry to Students with Disabilities, American Chemistry Society. 2001.


Jan, 2000 — Present

I write short stories, essays and both fiction and creative nonfiction books.


Food Truck Love: Running Down the American Dream. In progress.

Parrot Love: Stories of Love and Loss. In progress.

Shadow Engineer. With Eric Bogatin, Abby Rose Press, Longmont, CO, 2015.

Insiders’ Guide to Phoenix, 2nd Edition. With Paul Morris. Globe Pequot Press, Guilford, CT, 2001.

Agri-Fab: A Miracle in the Making. Heritage Publishers, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, 2001.


"Twenty-Five Random Things About Me," Saranac Review, October 2018. Fiction. Nominated for Pushcart Prize.

“To Hear Her Story Told,” Pithead Chapel, January 2014. Fiction.

“Girl in Motion,” Gloom Cupboard, November 2013. Fiction.

“All the Love in the World,” Bellevue Literary Review, April 2013. Fiction. Shortlisted for the Bellevue Literary Review Prize, judged by Jane Smiley.

“The Roots of Memoir,” “The Narrative Impulse,” “The Memoir Craze,” Keep it Real: Everything You Need to
Know about Researching and Writing Creative Nonfiction, editors Lee Gutkind and Hattie Fletcher, W.W. Norton and Company, NY, 2008.

“The History of Memoir” and “The Narrative Impulse,” A Million Little Choices: The ABCs of CNF, Issue 29, 2006.

“Childish Things,” Mamaphonic: Balancing Motherhood and Other Creative Acts, editors Bee Lavender and
Maia Rossini, Softskull Press, Brooklyn, NY, November 2004, pp 72-77.


Jul, 1990 — Present

I write about food, travel, publishing, technology, business, art and more for traditional and online media. I have written articles on Jimmy Carter, Lech Walesa, Richard Leakey, Susan Sontag, Marjorie Holmes, Frankie Manning, Paolo Soleri and more. My articles have been published in the Associated Press, Arizona Highways, The New York Times, America West Airlines Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, Arizona Business Magazine, Working Woman, Black Enterprise, Boulderite, Fort Collins Magazine and others. I have an ongoing contract to proofread magazines for Evergreen Publishing Company in Colorado.

University of Colorado-Denver, Arizona State University, Phoenix College and more

Jan, 1989 — Present

I've served as a writing instructor at numerous colleges and universities as well as being an invited speaker for writing or my research at numerous professional conferences.


Adjunct Faculty Member, Communications Department, University of Colorado-Denver, Fall 2016, Spring 2017

Faculty Associate, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University, Spring and Fall 2008

Adjunct Faculty Member, Liberal Studies, South Mountain Community College, Fall 2008

Instructor, Piper Writer’s Center, Arizona State University, Fall and Spring 2005, Fall and Spring 2006

Adjunct Faculty Member, Creative Writing Department, Phoenix College, Fall 2001-Fall 2006

Professional Mentor, Magazine Writing, Prescott College, Spring 2005

Teaching Assistant, History Department, University of Nebraska, Fall 1992-Fall 1993


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Daniel B.

Daniel B.

Aug, 2021

Lori was/is a great help in the process of making my book.
Sherri T.

Sherri T.

Sep, 2020

It was amazing working with Lori. She provided so much information, and I learned quite a few things in writing that I did not know before. She was patient, punctual and helpful. She is very insightful as well as being totally in sync with my ideas. I am glad I came to Reedsy for help on my book. Thank you, Lori.
Justin L.

Justin L.

Sep, 2020

Lori is awesome. She encourages you as well as gives a honest and tactful critique. She gave me so much to consider and motivated me to try different approaches. I can’t possibly say enough to praise Lori and her abilities. Very happy with the help I received.
Henry C.

Henry C.

Sep, 2020

She was great and helpful, as well very nice.
Jorge S.

Jorge S.

Aug, 2020

An extremely intelligent and competent developmental editor for my first novel, regularly bringing up concepts and ideas which had never occurred to me. Very happy with her work and looking forward to collaborating with her again.

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