Dave Howell

Dave Howell - Ghostwriter

Telford, UK

I have been working as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for the last 25 years. I specialize in technology and business subjects.

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If your business needs to create content but requires help getting started, or wants to expand its existing content, I can help you create a strategy that will result in world-class content that will speak and engage with your audience.

English (UK)
Business & Management

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October, 1985 – Present (almost 35 years)

I am a freelance journalist, writer and content designer with over 25 years of experience. Working from my base here in Shropshire, I have developed Nexus Publishing into a leading writing and content service.

I specialise in technology and business subjects with my work appearing in the national press, many trade and specialist publications and online.

My clients regularly order my services, as they can rely on me to pitch timely ideas for features or other content, and hit every deadline. I am also able to deliver additional assets to ensure your job as editor is as efficient as possible.

If you need quality writing for your business, are an editor looking for new ideas for features, or are thinking of publishing your own book or magazine, I can help with practical advice and services.

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