Jo Monroe

Jo Monroe – Ghostwriter

Bestselling ghostwriter of celebrity memoirs and crime fiction. Clients include Duncan Bannatyne, Sir Steve Redgrave and Bear Grylls.


I help remarkable people tell amazing stories.

As one of the UK’s most established ghostwriters, I help incredible people tell amazing stories. I’ve worked with Dragons, Olympians and the most famous adventurer in the world to write bestselling books. I have spent thirty years in publishing working both as a journalist and editor for Time Out, TV Times, The Guardian and The Observer and have written over 40 books on a wide range of subjects from dotcoms, to curry to soap operas. I have also ghostwritten a chart topping crime fiction series.

With clients ranging from business leaders, to survivalists to a stripper, I’ve proven I can write in almost any style, and capture any voice. I’ve written memoirs, how-to manuals, business books and page-turning thrillers.

I’m always interested to hear from people with stories to tell (you don’t have to be famous) so please do get in touch and tell me about your book. Whether you need help with a pitch to publishers, a book doctor for an existing project or someone to take you through every step of the ghosting journey, let's start a conversation. Most collaborations start with a coffee (or a Zoom) to see if we get along well enough to work closely together for several months.
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Entertainment
Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense
English (UK)

Work experience


Jul, 2005 — Present

I have worked full time as a ghostwriter since 2005 when I collaborated with the entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne on his autobiography. When that became a bestseller, I was asked to ghost the memoirs of other business leaders, and over the years my list of clients has diversified to include sports stars, adventurers and even a stripper.

I have also written commercial non-fiction under my own name on subjects as diverse as dotcoms, curry and allotments.


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