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London-based Kiwi writer with huge experience across arts, travel, society, architecture, food, children et al. Never missed a deadline!


Hi there! I'm a freelance journalist, author, copywriter, researcher and editor. I've worked for magazines, newspapers, websites and book publishers across the globe.

My writing divides almost 50/50 between personal projects -where I seek out specific topics I feel passionate about- and being a hired gun who takes on projects for others.

I approach all my writing projects with the same rigorous discipline and commitment to delivering the best possible finished work. For any ghost writing projects I endeavour to work with the author so to ensure their voice comes through clearly.

I am a good listener and a stickler for detail so will ensure that the finished work is the story my client wants - not their story as reported by a journalist.

Note: as someone who reads constantly I will offer my objective analysis of what I think works best but, as its your book that I'm working on, you have the final say - if my suggestions aren't what you want then I won't throw a hissy fit.

Instead, I'll do my best to write the book that you want written. I'm polite, prompt and open minded - if you are too then let's work together!
Action & Adventure
Art Biographies & Memoirs Children’s Non-Fiction Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits History Music Travel
English (NZ) English (UK) English (US)
  • Qantas Journalist Awards - Best Young Journalist, Best Sports Feature, Guardian Award For Music Writing
  • Bachelor Of Arts

Work experience


Apr, 1996 — Present

I'm a New Zealand-born, long time London-based freelance journalist and author. I've worked for all leading UK newspapers and magazines, the BBC and many publishers and record labels. Enthusiasm, brevity and wit are my trademarks. I'm happy to tackle writing in all areas and never miss a deadline.


Mar, 1985 — Present

I'm a London-based freelance journalist and author.

I've worked as a writer since my late teens - and full-time since finishing university. I'm the author of five non-fiction books and have contributed to dozens of other titles (for the likes of Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Time Out, Voyageur etc). I write journalism, work on research projects and help others with their writing - whether its a press release, a speech, a document that needs to be in straightforward English or books. I've edited/written all kinds of material.

I've written for leading newspapers/magazines, the BBC, many publishers and record labels. Enthusiasm, brevity and wit are my trademarks. I'm happy to tackle writing in all areas and never miss a deadline.

What I bring to any editing or ghost writing project I'm hired to work on is rigorous focus on ensuring the text is both readable and engaging.


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Agile Mobile Hostile is the first in a series of thrillers focused upon Jesse Amaru and his adventures in different trouble spots across the globe. Agile Mobile Hostile begins with Jesse Amaru, a former American radical now working as a school teacher on the N... read more
Weaving historical fact, mythic tales and contemporary voices, this work recounts a Balkan odyssey in search of the secret history and culture of Europe's greatest musicians - the Roma Gypsies.
Takes you on a journey through the backwoods of American music. This book sets out to see whether the American roots music that the author loved - blues and country, folk and soul - was still alive in the twenty-first century.
Here is the illustrated history of Miles Davis, the world's most popular jazz trumpeter, composer, bandleader, and musical visionary. Davis is one of the most innovative, influential, and respected figures in the history of music.He's been at the forefront of ... read more
Twenty years after leaving New Zealand Garth Cartwright returned. By now an award-winning journalist and celebrated chronicler of Europe's Romany Gypsy people and those found along the USA's lost highways, Garth attempts to travel NZ and apply his deft touch t... read more

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shereen S.

shereen S.

Aug, 2023

Brilliant collaboration - work has been completed on time and I appreciate all the comments and suggestions.
Helen B.

Helen B.

Mar, 2023

Garth was the ultimate professional to collaborate with. His timely critique and observations of my work, although tough to hear at times, were spot on and have propelled me forward with my project - I could not have achieved this without his input and I now genuinely have belief in my work. First class Editor and Ghost Writer. Thank you Garth! It was a pleasure :)
Garth C.
Thanks Helen. A pleasure to work with you on your Big Brother book - I have no doubt that one day I will hear you being interviewed on Radio 4 and spot your book in a Waterstones window!
Laura P.

Laura P.

May, 2022

Garth has been so great through the entire editing process. He really helped me review and look at things through a new lens to further support my manuscript. Highly recommend.
Tommy R.

Tommy R.

Mar, 2022

Mr. Cartwright offered marvelous work. It quite impressed me with his communication and diligence to capture exactly what I needed.
S W.

S W.

Jan, 2022

Garth was amazing to work with. He showed a kind of passion and dedication for my book that excited me and put miming at ease. His efforts and input really transformed my book, making it sparkle that much more! I will definitely be working with him again in the future. Highly recommend!
Garth C.
Thanks Sita - it was an honour to work with you on your book A Children's Guide To The History Of Ghana. You had already done the heavy lifting and I simply had to work out how to make your text ac...
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