Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson – Ghostwriter

Best-selling ghostwriter. Drop me a line about memoir, biography, crime fiction, black comedy.


SLAVE - *Amazon bestseller* A true story of kidnap, sex trafficking and revenge. Primary source for BBC Two 2018 drama 'DOING MONEY' (Ebury Press, London, 2018)

It's '...shocking, insightful, heartbreaking and powerful.'

PRIVATE EYE, SECRET SPY (Publishing Push, London, 2021) is '...a comprehensive and thrilling memoir...'

MY MAN'S SECRET (Julie Dello, 2019) kept '...me enthralled from the first page.'

WOUNDLICKER (Blackstaff Press, 2005) is '...slick and witty, wrathful and indulgent...'

ALINA (Blackstaff Press, 2006), '...delivers a climax as harrowing as one might hope to find in contemporary crime fiction.'

SINKER (Liberties Press, 2014), is '...a lean, nasty, tripped-out shocker... a cracking book, a jolt to the senses like a line of flaming shots.'

ALOYSIUS TEMPO (Liberties Press, 2015) features '...moments of dark poetry shining through the nihilism.... it is writing of very high quality, beautifully observed and full of clear, cold cruelty.'

Seeking projects, fiction and nonfiction, at any stage of development.

Action & Adventure Dystopian Humor & Comedy Mashups Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense
Biographies & Memoirs True Crime
English (UK)

Work experience

Irish Sun; Mirror Group Newspapers; Belfast Telegraph; Irish News

Aug, 1996 — Sep, 2022 (about 26 years)

Sourcing stories; working with people at often extraordinary times of their lives in Northern Ireland; turning experiences into words; editing celebrity/politician columns; door-stepping crooks. Generally engaged in diplomacy, flexibility, empathy, fortitude.


‘They took me because I would not be missed’This is the shocking true story of how an ordinary young girl was kidnapped off the street as she walked home and turned into a slave – before fighting for her freedom and finding the courage to help the police in on... read more

Jason Johnson

This game is no indulgence - it's endurance.' Baker Forley wants romance, respect, a career . . . but his only talent is sinking whiskey. Luckily the world's most reviled sport - professional drinking - badly needs new blood. When Baker's washed-up coach, Ratf... read more

Jason Johnson

Presented in the form of a classified British government report, this thriller follows one man's fight against corruption in the North Ireland Peace Process.
My Man's Secret

Julie Dello

He had two different names, ages, accents, backgrounds, countries -but only one love. A TRUE STORY When Lynn Dello's widow looked into her husband's past, she did'nt expect to discover Lynn Dello had never existed, and so began a relentless international searc... read more
Aloysius Tempo

Jason Johnson

Irish-born Aloysius is a freelance killer for hire. Advertising his services - the 'hard solve' - on the Dark Web, he arranges fatal accidents, convenient deaths. 'My job is the only job in the world where people you should have killed will throw it back in yo... read more

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Rory L.

Rory L.

Dec, 2021

From his first communication onwards Jason has done exactly as he promised. Making it not only enjoyable but rewarding. Thanks Mate, I highly recommend you for your ghost writing skills and beyond ✔️
steve J.

steve J.

Sep, 2021

Jason and I have been working together for just over a year and throughout he has continually shown both enthusiasm towards this project and the willingness to provide assistance and guidance when requested by me. Although the subject of my book was not only vast but initially unfamiliar to Jason, he was able to maintain a clear vision and an ability to capture my true thoughts and feelings dow...
Read more
Ian W.

Ian W.

Nov, 2020

Great collaboration throughout Excellent knowledge of Subject Highly appreciated and recommended
Jonathan R.

Jonathan R.

Jun, 2020

Working with Jason was an absolute breeze. From the get go he was on time and on target. He knew the right questions to ask, and how to capture our voice. Would 100% recommend working with Jason!
Julie D.

Julie D.

Feb, 2019

First class professional, I would highly recommend him without any hesitation, I am extremely happy with not only the fantastic ghostwriting, in which he excels, but all the help and suggestions he has given along the way.

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